ringo, the beatles and dogs





Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey real name) turned 70 not too long ago. 70. Oh. In case you are under 12 or have been living in a cave Ringo was the Beatles drummer.



I was only 9 or 10 when the Beatles played their last concert but maybe because their music was so integral to my household and growing up hearing Ringo become 70 makes me feel old. Kind of like it’s time to grow up.

Ringo was always the playful one.


For god’s sake he wore a pelt and played a caveman in a movie.


He sang Yellow Submarine from a group portfolio that includes Eleanor Rigby, Norwegian Wood and Helter Skelter. .

And now he is probably best known to most people these days for his excellent work as the voiceover guy from the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends videos.

While we will never forget him as the drummer of the Beatles, it’s easy to forget he wrote and sang probably one of the top 3 ‘post Beatles’ songs of all the Beatles (It don’t come Easy from the concert for Bangladesh).

It’s easy to forget as a drummer he shared the stage with two of the greatest songwriters of all time as well as another immensely talented guitar player and songwriter in his own right … and concert in and concert out and studio session after studio session he kind of kept it all together.

But he turned 70.

I guess in an odd way I just wanted the Beatles to burn out and not fade away. I don’t want to see the rust. (using Neil Young to make a point here).

And maybe I want that because their music is eternal. You can listen to a Beatles song today and it is just as good and relevant as it was when it first aired. Beautifully crafted. Wonderfully managed from start to finish. I would be hard pressed to find anyone who not only didn’t know one Beatles song but couldn’t sing along.

Birthdays like this remind us that time passes but some things remain eternal.



beatles and dogs



Lately I have had a number of good friends, and dog lovers, suggesting it may be time for me to think about getting a new dog.

Not yet.

While it really isn’t time I actually get to put the decision off because I am in too small a place and the uncertainty on what is coming next in my life. So that makes the decision a little easier. I don’t have to make it.


It does remind me not only the great things about having had my border collie Tigger but I think the reason why dog lovers are dog lovers and not cat lovers. They teach you responsibility and give you character and an unequivocal dedication (when they want to).




Best of all ? :

There is that excitement of being John, Paul, George or Ringo when you came through the door every day.

Heck. Depending on how long you have been gone you could be all 4 of them in one.


Oh. And they never asked you sing.


I will get another dog someday. I will probably get another border collie.

Maddening and nonstop hyper and their terrible two’s last 3+ years but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The following picture is not of my old border collie, Tigger, but it could have been.


Border collies work when they play. And that makes them happy.


Some days I would be lazy when we went out and wouldn’t bring a toy or a ball or a stick and when he would stare at me with unblinking eyes and say “so, what are we going to do?


I would take a sip of coffee and say “go get a stick. Let’s play stick.”

And he would turn and sprint away.


I have no clue how he knew where to go and it wasn’t the same direction every time but, sonuvabitch, he was getting a stick. And on occasion this is what would happen.






Beyond treating you like The Beatles every time you come through the door I have one word for owning a dog. Companionship.


Maybe two.

Dedicated companionship.


I don’t care how surly, moody, incorrigible, lazy or whatever word you attach to a dog when they see “their” owner they pick their ass up and are just there.




Just to complete my post on dogs thought it would be a good excuse to show some picture of how dogs provide joy and companionship all over the world. The great thing about dogs is that they are just like great friends. They need not be by your side for you to know that they are there. But they will always find a way to be beside you when you most need it. So. This is my tribute to dogs around the world.

This is for all the dog lovers. Miss ya Tigger.

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Written by Bruce