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“We tend to shy away from describing ourselves, we tend to use other people’s descriptions [of our music],” he admits, “some of our favorites being adventure pop, tropicali, garage glam, indie prog, lounge pop — these are all things that make us smile and there’s something vaguely true in all of them.”


Saint Motel lead singer A/J Jackson


“If Jarvis Cocker moved to LA and made an album of yacht-rock influenced Britpop, it might sound like this.”


The Guardian November 2013






saint motel bandpic1

Saint Motel.



A band that opened for Arctic Monkeys … and they are kind of like a ska version of Arctic Monkeys.


Kind of.

The first time I heard them on the radio I started bobbing my head and wondering who the hell this band was. Great <great> driving song.



The song was “My Type.”






Saint Motel is an alternative band with some glam pizzazz featuring a singer not averse to flamboyance, a suave croon and lyrics that verge on the literary. flourish and no little élan … and there’s a light sprinkling of Caribbean rhythms, tropical flavours and lounge-jazziness throughout.



They are an LA band <key members are ex USC film students> who seem to have been kicking around the LA music scene for a number of years.





Here is their website <which features their song I heard … My Type> and I have also shared a link directly to youtube:




Saint Motel website:

SAINT MOTEL – “My Type”:


SAINT MOTEL – “Puzzle Pieces”:








saint lucia band 2




St. Lucia.



This is an 80’s influenced band.


This is a band led by a guy named Jean-Philip Grobler <he is actually a solo act called St. Lucia with a group that plays with him> who is a South African-born, Brooklyn-based musician … the band includes his wife and three other musicians.



The song I heard first on Palladia, Elevate, and the video I am including … is from when St. Lucia were evicted from their real life Brooklyn warehouse practice space to make way for new condos.
They took the opportunity to throw one last rooftop party and shot this video featuring their friends Avan Lava, Dap Kings, Savoir Adore.



St. Lucia – “Elevate”



St. Lucia – All Eyes On You (Unofficial Music Video):


This is not great music by any stretch of the imagination … but it is great listening music. It is fun to listen to.

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