Urban dictionary should be bookmarked by everyone.  It is a priceless source for priceless sayings (and insures us old folk can keep track of the new folk slang).

Why do I bring up the Urban Dictionary?


Knowshon Moreno (Denver Broncos running back and proud University of Georgia Bulldog graduate) gets pulled over for a DUI in Denver while driving a Bentley  convertible with personalized license plates that read “SAUCED.”

Yeah. You read that right. SAUCED.

Oh. Not only was he drunk but he was driving 70 mph in a 45-mph and didn’t have insurance.


But let me get back to SAUCED.

I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something (like why would you have personalized plates that suggested you constantly drove around drunk). I wanted to see if ‘sauced’ meant something like ‘rad’ or ‘totally’ or ‘I am awesome’ in today’s vernacular.

With that … I went to Urban Dictionary which always sets me straight after I talk with a yong person in the office (let alone in any high school).

Here is what they had to offer … oh … and it is actually when I got to #4 that I think I understand the license plate (and laughed out loud):

Knowshon not suaced

1. sauced (personal)

sauced: to be so drunk all you can think about is how drunk you are .. “i was supremely sauced at the party” or “I’m sauced bitches.”

2. sauced (descriptive verb)

Having too much to drink.

To be very drunk. Similar words: plastered, hammered, shitfaced, trashed … “my mom is sauced after that party” or “Dude, you were so sauced last night that you passed out on the floor”

3. sauced (descriptive adjective)

– To be shotdown or owned, often an exclamation … “I totally failed that test; I was sauced like none other.”

4. Sauced

(v.) an interjection used when a bout of bad luck has fallen upon someone, or when somebody is hurt, defeated, or is clearly about to catch herpes. primarily used and popularized in Eastern Massachusetts, more specifically in the village of Winthrop By The Sea.

Person A: “I heard billy got herpes from her at that party”

Person B: “SAUCED”

There you go.

Either Knowshon knows someone who has herpes and got the license plate as a joke or … well … maybe the Bentley has herpes.

Oddly (in an odd twist of rationale) … let’s hope it is this rather than driving around drunk with a SAUCED license plate.


I have one more option.

It is quite possible Knowshon is a closet poetry fan … and has been traveling to Ontario … and is showing his support for the girls night ‘hot sauced words poetry’ nights.


Just a thought.

Written by Bruce