shaffer smith

Shaffer Chimere Smith.

Better known as Ne-Yo.

I have always liked his voice.

Now I like a song he just released “let me Love You” <and it is gonna frickin’ zoom up the charts>.

Ne Yo Let me Love You:


While I like the song <it is next to impossible to not turn up the volume a little and do the “inside yourself dancing like Michael Jackson” head bob> it features something that makes you take a second look at Ne Yo.

He is basically singing a capella (a cappella, sometimes also written as acappella, is a Italian meaning “in the style of the chapel” and is used to describe songs sung without any instrumental accompaniment).


Let me Love You.

There is no real melody in the song <instrumentally>. Just a rippin’ heavy beat and nice synthesizer undertones … and he sings over it all. Yeah, sure, the backbeat notes give him something to hold on to every once in a while but … really … he is singing the frickin’ thing a capella. Basically he uses his voice as an instrument.

Good stuff Ne Yo.


He is an R&B singer-songwriter, record producer, dancer and actor.

Apparently “Ne-Yo” was coined by Big D Evans, a producer with whom Ne-Yo once worked, because Evans claimed that Ne-Yo sees music as Neo sees the Matrix. Though Evans started calling him this as a joke, the name stuck.

He began his career as a songwriter and, oddly, got his break when he wrote another song called “Let Me Love You” for a singer named Mario. It isn’t the same song. Just the same name <but in case you want to hear it here you go>:

Mario Let me Love You:

Two other songs that use his voice perfectly. One with Calvin Harris <a great song> and one with PitBull.

Let’s Go with Calvin Harris:

Give me Everything <pitbull song>:

Good voice. Fun music. Talented man.

Written by Bruce