a country song from seether?


I have this odd attachment to Seether’s music. They typically just make noise to me. And then, every once in awhile, the lead singer (who has a horrible voice) figures out how to craft something resembling a song that sounds perfect for him.

Unfortunately for Seether those songs are typically the ones that their tried & true fans absolutely detest and suggest they have “sold out.”



But they sold me.

Their new cd “Strings Better Left to Fray” maintains that indelible imprint that is undeniably Seether but they have branched out stylistically with “Country Song.” While it works in a rock-countryesque way it blends a slightly upbeat addictive hook and then weaves in that Seether traditional guitar style. It’s a little odd. But it’s also a lot easy to listen to.

Country Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gMi98Y0Qsk

The seether guy (as I will refer to the lead singer and primary songwriter) explains, “On this album, I didn’t scream very much, because that’s not what I wanted to do. For some of the songs, the sentiment behind the lyric wasn’t angry, therefore to sing it in an angry way didn’t make any sense to me. The gritty stuff is easy to do, but it also feels really great to convey emotionally, through my voice, what I’m trying to say, instead of just being a one trick pony.”

The cd was recorded at Blackbird Studios in Nashville so I am sure that had some influence (even though the producer has done AC/DC & Rage Against the Machine … not your traditional Nashville bands).

I will give Seether some props in that they do seem to stay the non-traditional course (as stated by the Seether guy):

“We don’t really follow trends. We’re not underground, we’re not emo, we’re not punk rock, we’re not metal. We don’t really have a place.”

The only thing that remains consistent are loud guitars, solid but fuzzy rock riffs and thoughtful lyrics delivered in that raspy rock style.

Of course I couldn’t write a post about Seether without mentioning Amy Lee (seether guy & amy lee dating years ago). I always thought it was one of the oddest couples (although odd couples is a post all in itself) but that odd coupling created one helluva song.  And one of the best music videos (artistically) I believe ever done.

Seether guy was asked about the breakup which Amy Lee infamously put out to the rest of the world in Evanescence’s “Call me when you are Sober”:

Q: Dating and breaking up in the public eye must be rough. You took the high road when Amy Lee (of Evanescence) put your personal relationship out there with “Call Me When You’re Sober.”

Seether Guy: Yeah, I did write some songs that were complete lash backs, but those I knew were never intended to be used, they were just for me, personally. I’m not going to say that some songs don’t touch on that subject, but not in an obvious fashion. I’m never going to air out anybody else’s dirty laundry. That’s not who I want to be. And I think that was the route she felt she needed to take. … But I’m telling you, as much as you’ve just given me accolades, it was a tough decision to make.

All I know is when they were together they did one helluva song.


Let me end the post with Broken. The Seether guy & Amy Lee duet:

Broken (seether & amy lee): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPC2Fp7IT7o

Written by Bruce