spring and pumped up kicks

I should have written this in maybe February when I first heard this song. But i didn’t. But now I am.

And I am now because the song is finally getting some mainstream play.

And its spring.

And like every spring (or at least it seems that way) all the springlike catchy hooky songs start hitting the car radios.

I am sure some music executive has a zillion charts showing listening trends and what is infectious at certain types of the year and crap like that.

But that hooky Scars on 45 song I wrote about is getting more airplay.

One of the catchiest Death Cab songs of all time is getting some airplay.

The most listenable (of a full catalog of unlistenable stuff) Manchester Orchestra song is getting lots of airplay.

And, oddly (although happily) The Decemberist song “down by the water” is getting a boatload of airplay.

And then there is this song … “Pumped Up Kicks.”


If there was ever going to be a ‘one hit spring wonder of 2011” this is gonna be it.

It has what someone has called “some surf guitar.” Some undecipherable vocals through an intercom.  Some whistling. Some light rap. And an amazing hooky refrain/chorus.

And there you have it. You have one smooth spring breeze of a song. I would suggest it is as easy as Sunday morning but a Lionel Richie reference is uncalled for.

Suffice it to say that Foster The People and “Pumped Up Kicks” goes down like the first cold beer of the warm afternoon hitting the spot to where all you want is another.

(ok.  I am done with the bad springlike metaphors)

Foster the People’s Pumped Up Kicks is the kind of song that’s gonna sneak up on you. Even with its insidiously catchy chorus (there are some nifty multitracked falsetto-like voices singing “All the other kids with the pumped-up kicks”) the first time you hear it you really only catch the melody and start tapping your toe but there is nothing about it that makes you simply stop and say “what the hell ” & “who the hell is this?”

It often requires several repeats to really get it in your head but once it is … well … I can’t stop listening to it._ it is frickin’ maddeningly infectious. And, yes, you will stupidly whistle along at “that one point.”


Here it is.

And it will be stuck in your head all spring & summer now (and you can blame me):

Pumped Up Kicks: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/sy-776415091001/foster_the_people_pumped_up_kicks_official_music_video/

Hope you enjoyed.

Written by Bruce