Shopping behavior and what comes after the recession (depression): Part 2

As noted in Part 1 on ‘what comes after the recession’ there is this wacky perception that the recession has radically changed people’s shopping behavior.

It is the thought that all of a sudden everything we wanted to do and how we thought would be changed because of the global recession. Oh.  If it only were that simple. But consumers are complicated.

Ok. I have even included a video to make the point. Ok. I would have if i knew how to upload a video. Suffice it to say that i have a great consumer interview video from which does an excellent job showcasing the fact that consumers, of all ages, are seeking to be able to ‘buy’ as soon as they have an opportunity to buy.

And I mentioned global earlier only because the video you will see is global.

Ok. If someone wants to challenge me on “Hey,, that’s global not us in America!” I would suggest that America is the consumption capital of the world.

We consume and buy more per capita than any country in the world.

It is in our DNA.

Clotaire Rappaille probably noted it best in suggesting it is because of our Puritan immigrant roots that we are the “can do” country in the world.  And it is steeped in all of us to believe bigger is better, more is good and anything is possible.

(Oh. By the way.  This is a good thing and makes us different than any country in the  world)


Let’s be clear.

The recession is simply a hiccup in America’s ongoing attitudinal objective of being bigger and better than anyone else.

In the end with regard to American consumers and consumption?

Think more.

And big. And bigger more.

And buy more. (but buy quality and brands).

Globally if anyone thinks the recession is going to change the American “go getter” DNA they have to be crazy.

I think the only people writing about the recession are old folks (or it appears that way).

We need to stop looking at the recession through a “mature and knowledgeable” lens. Because that isn’t the real world.

When the recession fades and global economies pickup there are generations of people waiting to step up and not only buy shit (because I am in the buy shit business) but also ready to go create and build and make things happen.

One day I will be able to upload this video and you can take a look and can see what I mean.

(Thanks to trendwatcher who provided it.  They watch trends globally and tap into what people are thinking not only from a niche perspective but an overall attitudinal perspective.)

In the end it will behoove us to stop dwelling on the here and now and recognizing the potential and possibilities that reside in the future.

Written by Bruce