I have missed writing and posting here on my site.   And I miss it on a couple of levels.


First is that I just enjoy it.


It is fun to provide opinions and point of views on a random set of ongoing topics and issues.  It keeps the mind fresh and, in general, supports my overall point of view that being able to discuss a variety of things is more interesting than maybe being the most knowledgeable person in the world on one topic (say … like … snails for example).



Second is now I am not just writing for me (now that i decided to reenter the corporate world).


I am part of an organization where not only my style gets edited but also the stronger points of view need to be ‘vetted’ to fit within the organizational collective view. That’s not necessarily bad but it has one HUGE downside (to me and my own personality) … it slows things down.  And has diminishing returns.




I tend to believe my stuff could use a great editor.  I am a wordy guy. But I also believe the ratio between ‘get it out smartly but not perfectly” to “smartly and closer to perfectly” is a very tight ratio.



My solution?


I am just going to start posting the raw post here.

My words.

My thoughts.



And then at some point the tighter more censored version will most likely appear on the agency site.


I had been hoping to just have all of you faithful readers simply shift to my new jobs’s (the agency’s) website and read what I write (plus whatever other smart random things we tend to write) but I think I will wait until I have ironed out the style/edit issue and stuff i like is being posted there.




Here we go.

Let’s see if I can get back in the saddle.

Written by Bruce