sometimes the littlest things can make the biggest difference

nothing bigger than the little




This is about the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts … and little things <but big differences>.


Sometimes in the business world we are always seeking something big.


I know for sure that everyone wants to make a big impact <sales, results, behavior, etc.>. But we are almost always seeking the ‘big’ when something small may be the path to success.


Sometimes we invest so much energy into trying to find something big to make a big impact when something very little can create a big impact.


In addition … sometimes trying to convince people to do something small … takes a big effort <because if it looks small people seem to worry it will not be noticed>.

In any case … small can make a big difference.





What do I mean?


Let me use two organizations I think very highly of and wish they were doing better:


  • Girl Scouts



  • Boy Scouts



Let me begin by saying my sister was a Girl Scout (and I don’t hold that against her or the girl scouts) … and I beat up Boy Scouts (and I am hoping they don’t hold that against me).

It was right for her … and maybe not so right for me.



That said.



I believe the organizations are very right for younger generations.

Particularly for the current generation and the next generation (which I call the Global generation).


The values and responsibility teachings they share are invaluable to creating a foundation for responsible humanity <and doing the right thing>.

In addition, while some things may seem archaic in their teachings, they create a nuts & bolts type timelessness of practical life (which is something I believe is often underrated in this world of “we need to stay ahead of the curve”).

I guess what I mean by that is maybe showing youth what was behind the curve may be helpful in life.

But, hey, that’s me.






Both these organizations seem trapped in an outdated image. Perceptionwise not appearing relevant.



I use perceptionwise because I believe in reality if you took the time to look inside, many of the things they share are quite relevant>



But I believe some little things could help make a big impact on perceptions.


For example.

Boy Scouts … who would love to communicate they are not ‘lily white’ and are all inclusive … could use the current words in their vision statement (meaning I am not trying to change who they are and what they stand for) and simply communicate those same words in a different style.



Say graffiti.

On My Honor Graffiti




It says the same thing they have always been saying but also says so many other things.

Little change. Big difference in perception.


And imagine LL Cool J, an ex boy scout, standing in front of these words … talking about the Boy Scouts.




I am no genius but I can almost guarantee people would not only be thinking about the Boy Scouts … but they would be starting to think about them in a different way.






And how about the Girl Scouts?

How do we show they are inclusive and relevant?



How about showcasing the “new green.”





Young girls, and den mothers or whatever they are called, with green fingernail polish, green eye shadow, green streaks in their hair, whatever … you get the idea.


The green becomes a badge for cool, relevant inclusiveness … and the fact the organization is open to things other than add-a-beads (I think that’s what they are called) and pleated skirts (gosh. I am hoping they are not cool again).

Once again this is using little things to create the response you are looking for.



Is this big?




It is something little.


But makes some big strides in moving both organizations in the direction they want to go.



I would kill to help both of these organizations.



I believe in what they are all about and the intent behind their vision.

I am probably a little liberal for their tastes but I believe what makes any good liberal a great liberal is a foundation of some good ole conservative responsibility and values.

nothing is little holmes






The point of this isn’t ‘being liberal’ or conservative, it is that little things can make a pretty darn big impact.

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Written by Bruce