I hate the NBA.

Okay. Maybe its “heavy dislike”.

It’s just a group of one on one individual “if you can do it I can do it better” performances.

On occasion some team gets a good combo of players but inevitably it turns out to be a series of one upmanship individual performances (with some over the top ‘woofing’).

What a waste of great talent.

The only team I have ever followed (and still follow and like) are the Celtics. Maybe because of all the teams in the NBA they seem to have consistently maintained a sense of ‘team.’Magic Pistons Basketball Regardless of the sometimes awesome superstar talent on their roster they spread the wealth and have a variety of players contribute day in and day out and over the season (I wonder of some other team owner will recognize the reason they have some consistency over years is the fact they aren’t dependent on one player … hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm … anyway.).

But. This post is about Stan van Gundy.

The coach of the Orlando Magic.


If you haven’t heard this guy when they mike the huddle or on the sidelines or in the interview room … it is worth you making the time.

The NBA needs more guys like this.

His voice is iconic.

His words are reminiscent of Hank Stram on the sidelines talking about “matriculating the ball down the field.”

He’s a no bullshit interviewer.

76ers Magic BasketballHe’s not slick like Pat Riley (or some of the other slick coaches). He looks like he actually works for a living (and stuffs himself into suits because someone told him coaches are supposed to do that).

And he looks like he likes what he does for a living.

He is a character (and has character) but don’t let that fool you. He can coach. So. A character with talent.

His after game interviews are priceless. But. you gotta love a coach who consistently kicks his teams ass (even publicly) and then even after they look like shit against the Celtics for 3 straight games he comes back behind the microphone and says: “at some point … somebody is going to come from 3-0 down and win a series” (in talking about the Magic’s chance in the series).

Good stuff Stan. Keep it up. You may be the best thing going for the NBA at the moment.

Written by Bruce