summarizing the global generation idea

next generation of thinkersIt occurred to me after posting an introduction and 8 (maybe 9) posts and some ancillary relevant posts on the Global Generation and the Global Generation children’s program (which probably constitutes maybe 30 word document pages not including graphs and whiz bang images) that I should possibly attempt an executive summary type thing (or a recap). Ok. I would like to think I arrived at this brilliant summary thought myself but really someone read my stuff and said “hey. It would help me if you had a summary).

So. A brief recap.

I identified the window of opportunity by triangulating Generational attitudes and characteristics (citing Strauss and Howe cyclical generation sociological studies) and global interaction enabling innovations (the advent of internet based clustering trends and smartphones citing an Economist study among others) and “people” behavioral  trends (Mass Mingling and “glocal” – citing

By triangulating I found the space (or window of opportunity) for the idea.

GG window of opportunity

A reasonable question is “won’t people naturally gravitate to what you are suggesting naturally?”

Well. Beyond the fact people globally have shown no inclination in the past to develop this type of behavioral pattern I would also suggest this is a “window of opportunity” scenario.  And I do not believe this window will remain open for the following reasons:

  1. The enabler will move on to another iteration and the idea will have to shift with it.
  2. If you believe in cyclical generational attitudes the next generation(s) will attitudinally not be receptive to the overall intent of the program.
  3. Consumer trends (behaviors) will match generational attitudes therefore trends, which wouldn’t inherently support a global education program like this idea, will take on the characteristics of the generation attitudes.

I do believe there is a window of opportunity in this convergence of attitude, behavior and technological enablement.

Here’s the thing. No one has identified and labeled the generation after the Millennials yet. This ideas feeds into the gestalt of that following generation. Therein lays the success of the program and idea.

The benefits of this program or what would we hope the program achieves.

In my “measuring results” post I suggested two things that I believe are the most important:

  1. 1. “If 30 to 40 years from now we are in the midst of the greatest innovation revolution since the industrial revolution as cross culturally an entire generation will debate and ideate.”
  2. 2. Lessen ignorance global = lower levels of poverty globally, lower levels of genocidal conflict, higher levels of personal success, and higher levels of overall happiness.

In general, the overall plan should lead to less ignorance. Less ignorance leads to several things – less extreme types of human conflict and more positive friction type conflict (ideation & innovation).

GG why education

If implemented correctly all income levels and cultures of children will “rise to a higher level” in adulthood.

So. In looking at these benefits one could debate ‘is this really an education initiative?”’

Maybe not in a traditional sense. It certainly has components of traditional “abc’s” and mathematical but in order to ‘fit’ the Global Generation attitudes it incorporates a higher level of importance on:

  1. Critical thinking
  2. Understanding of different cultures (and the choices they make)

It is a more expansive education platform then a traditional education intuitive.

What that also means is that there is nothing like this idea currently in the market.

Aspects of it? Yes.

If one were able to get possibly 9 existing web based children’s education organizations in one room with a 10th who knew how to fill in the missing information and tie-in thinking this idea could happen next month (although I doubt it would be possible to get all 10 in alignment).

I guess my bottom line is that, no; there is no existing web program, like this already I place.

This is my summary of the idea in less than 600 words.

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Written by Bruce