the appeal of ron paul


I typically don’t write about politics because, well, I typically believe if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. In addition politics-speak makes my head hurt.  Its kind of like listening to a new business guy called the ‘king of Babble-on” (Babylon so you get the full reference).

It all makes my head hurt.

But last night, as I skipped away from another college bowl game where I wasn’t sure there was a defense anywhere on the field, I went to Piers Morgan on CNN (by the way … CNN may have 2 of the best news commentator shows on tv today … Fareed Zakaria and Piers Morgan … balanced by one of the worst .. Anderson Cooper … but that is a different article).

Piers was interviewing Ron Paul.


Because I don’t pay attention to all the deep politics stuff my perception is Ron Paul is a quasi-out of touch old guy. In sound bite form some of his opinions have made me sure America would be better off without him leading.

But I stayed tuned to Piers and listened.


And when you hear something like this … well … how can you not find him appealing as a leader of America?

“There is only one kind of freedom and that’s individual liberty. Our lives come from our creator and our liberty comes from our creator. It has nothing to do with government granting it.” – Ron Paul

And soundbites aside.

yeah. He is an old guy …. but he talks “young” and he talks in a common sense way (although some of the things he says stretch reality sense).

He talks like you and I.

And at his foundation in thinking he thinks stuff we think.

Directionally he uses plain words I can understand, he clearly has a vision and, maybe best of all, he tends to not linger in the ‘gray.’ And maybe that is another thing I found appealing. That lack of gray. He takes black & white stances which are often quite contrarian to the traditional caveated “win me a vote” point of view.  Do I agree with all he said? Nope.  But for gods sake the man had a point of view.

Best of all? … well … he doesn’t act like a politician … he acts like someone who doesn’t care about being liked or disliked … he acts like someone who just wants to do what he believes is right.

The interesting thing?

The way Ron Paul has captured the attention of 20somethings (which is another thing I find appealing … because I often believe true leaders are in the Hope business).

But maybe I shouldn’t be surprised because change (and plain speak) is exactly what people that age are looking for. And probably the first thing many young people see is an anti-war candidate.

And while some (mostly older) people are wary of Ron Paul’s isolationist policies I have to assume middle America finds it appealing as they worry about our own economy and their own troubles.

At the end of the interview?

I have to be honest.

When I hear him speak, and fully explain beyond simple soundbites, any major reservations I have become less major.

He certainly has sincerity and honesty. Plus who throws in a strong dose of truly understanding the intent of the Constitution (way better than any supposed “Tea-partier”):

“Our country’s founders cherished liberty, not democracy.” – Ron Paul

And he has a sense of real economics (although some of his economic steps seem a little unrealistic).


Predictability. He’s very predictable and his vote record seems to always be consistent with following the Constitution.

I have no idea whether I could actually vote for him but people should seriously consider him. And the fact that I am writing this is not an endorsement.

But. I was wrong.

He isn’t a nutcase nor is he out of touch.

And he speaks English rather than political gobbdlegook.

And he is using the political system perfectly. He is certainly not a Republican and yet he is in every Republican debate. And he is certainly not a Democrat. And I have always believed that given the world and the situation we are in that the true solution to our government deadlock mentality is the rise of a 3rd party (history has shown that to happen in American politics so I am no soothsayer on this).  And he is using the system to create a 3rd party without truly stating a 3rd party.

With that said … I predict he doesn’t win the Republican nomination. And then he enters the election as the third candidate (ok … I assume the Communist party has  candidate but since Gus Hall died I have no clue who it is). And then? Gosh.  Who knows.

In the end? It was a better use of my time then a bad bowl game.

Written by Bruce