The Future of Football (If The NFL Strikes)

As many sports fans know, there is a possibility of an NFL strike in a couple of years (and don’t get me started on how those pampered prima donnas can justify striking). But. We now have an alternative.

Ok. This is awesome. Women in underwear playing football. It is difficult to suggest these women are tougher than the male players, but because they wear less protective gear than the men…but…well…they do put more of “the goods” at risk.

Some thoughts:

  • They have the disadvantage of make up running down their faces and into their eyes when they sweat as they play. Alice Cooper should design some face paint alternatives.
  • They may have way more balls than the guys to play in underwear and minimal pads. (although it is difficult to actually see that)
  • Awesome locker room interviews. Ok. Awesome on field interviews.
  • It’s kind of combination beach, strip club and football. What guy wouldn’t watch?
  • Please don’t anyone suggest male cheerleaders. Go for the gusto. Think the cheerleaders in The Replacements.
  • Retail clothing sponsorships galore (Heck. They need to get some business traffic. Gap, Banana Republic, Aeropostale, etc.)
  • I even know the airline that should sponsor the league…Air Lingus. Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

I don’t know who thinks up these concepts but they are not getting paid enough.

Written by Bruce