the song: Compliments from Band of Horses

Okay. So this will complete my “bearded songs I suggest you listen to” week. Compliments from Band of Horses from their new cd Infinite Arms.

While I have always liked their sound I also have thought their music has been a little uneven in listenability. But they have such a distinct sound if you like one song (and No One is Gonna Love You Better is as good as it gets) you keep on coming back around for more. Compliments has a slightly more upbeat and bigger sound than many of their other songs.

In addition. The video for his song is awesome. Really interesting in its use of morphing ad photography. The technique they use is fascinating and you will be tempted to slow down or pause in sections just to see what they do (although the entire video can give you a headache if you watch it too closely).

Here is the video (I wasn’t smart enough to figure out how to link to it so my friend Brad was kind enough to send it to me):


To be honest with everyone this isn’t brilliant songwriting. The music certainly doesn’t push the envelope and true musicians will probably suggest it is mainstream mediocrity (that doesn’t make it any less fun to listen to).

And the lyrics can be a little trite.

(chorus):  “if there is a god up in the air, someone looking over everyone, at least you’ve got something to fall back on.”


It is feel good nonsense. And really good listening feel good nonsense. And it is good enough to remind you that Band of Horses is a better than average band. And it gives you hope that somewhere in their songwriting future portfolio is something truly iconic.


On top if it all. Beyond the well crafted hooks and beautiful jangly rambling melodic chords there is Ben Bridwell. Looking past his healthy beard you will find a vulnerable clear voice that raises above all the music with a pureness that makes band of horses …. Well … band of horses.

I would imagine the cd is a good listen. I know this song certainly is. Enjoy.

Written by Bruce