A 20something (a delightful quirky young lady named Nicole) wrote a hysterical post about huge wine glasses and cheap (excuse me … “inexpensive”) wine. I laughed my ass off when I read it.

But here’s the deal.

I gave these wine glasses to a couple of my best friends about 10 years ago or so.

And we aren’t even close to being 20somethings. And probably not even close to being as funny as Nicole. But pretty funny after drinking an entire bottle of wine in one glass.

My friends really do love their wine.

And they love afull wine bottle glass good bottle of inexpensive wine (although they do draw the line on boxed wine).

And they absolutely love the fact they could drink an entire bottle in one glass (don’t we all?).

This couple are awesome at the art of entertaining and having fun. And before the humongous wine glasses I had searched high and low for the world’s largest martini glass for them (and I am not sure they even like martinis). I believe part of entertainment is the ‘show.’  The acroutrements as some may say.

Anyway. If it is fun and spectacular and has to do with entertaining it is perfect for my 50something friends (although I believe they would like 20something Nicole but they already have a pretty outrageous amazing daughter).


I am kind of a wine snob (ok. maybe I wish I could afford to be more snobby but I scoff at a cheap bottle of wine before inhaling a bottle or two of it). But my good friends have mastered the art & science of finding excellent wine under $10. Although. I do admit that after you are on your, say, third bottle of wine and shooting the shit anything tastes fucking awesome.

But. Maybe these wine glasses could be used to benefit … well … say … monkeys for example. Maybe even monkeys in Russia.

Yeah. No shit. Why? Well. Monkeys drink red wine in Russia to stay warm (frankly I didn’t even know Russia had monkeys).

There is a zoo in Karaganda Russia that gives its monkeys hot red wine.

Monkeys get warm with the help of the wine drink. We take a bottle of “Kagor” red wine, add some apples, lemon, sugar and simmer for a while.” – Svetlana Pilyuk (a spokeswoman for the zoo).

Apparently the monkeys enjoy the hot wine drink a lot (hmmmmmmmm … isn’t that stating the obvious). “This is normal international practice. During the cold time of the year, when we plan to take the animals to a different zoo, or when we have to transfer them from summer to winter enclosures, employees give them something sedative. Most likely, they give them the “Kagor” red wine, which is widely used in Orthodox churches. This is normal practice in all zoos of the world. In their natural habitats, apes also consume alcohol-containing plants that can relax their nervous system”. There you go. Red wine for monkeys.

I say we ship them some of these wine glasses for the monkeys winter health.

So, anyway, why this post (beyond being able to use the monkey drinking wine factoid and writing about the fact I have friends who can drink an entire bottle of wine from one glass).

All of a sudden I began replacing the 20something s perspective and replacing it with say a 50something perspective and I started laughing so hard my sides hurt. I am not sure I will ever look at my friends the same again. They must be eternally 20somethings at heart. And don’t we all wish we had at least a thread of that youth in later years. Joie de Vivre?

huge wine glass tokyoAnd it reminded me how things loop around in life especially if you remain young at heart.

And I think it is good to look at our own actions through the eyes of a completely different generation. And see the common aspects, the scary aspects and the perspective aspects.

Awesome post from Nicole. I can learn a lot from her. I think we all could.


There are some things we old folk probably should just ignore with Nicole (you will see if you read her stuff … although she is an excellent little writer and … it is fun stuff).

Oh. If you REALLY want to see a large wineglass visit Japan.

This is awesome (but they don’t have monkeys drinking wine).

Written by Bruce