underwater metric

“is this my life? Am I breathing underwater?” – Emily Haines

The last time we visited the band Metric I was gushing over Gold Gun Girls and I’m alive and Emily Haines as a singer.

It was good stuff from an eclectic Canadian band.

And then they released a new cd … and I remained silent <meaning I didn’t type shit>.

And I didn’t type shit because their first song was … well … shit.

Second release? Breathing Underwater.


Now this is good stuff.

As an aside … thank god for new technology where you can buy individual songs versus the bad ole days of buying an entire album and having to put up with ten crappy songs to get the two you wanted <does anyone else remember those days ? … before overnight delivery and you had to use a non portable phone and … well … I am dating myself>.

Metric’s music, when it is at its best, is powerful and buoyant and eclectic. Metric constantly seems to be shoving the current music trends off to the side and stare them down with a power-chord and a killer pop hook and their own sound

Me? I am content with living life breathing underwater.

Written by Bruce