wonder of birds


I just heard another song and it made me think about “couples bands”  … like Over the Rhine or Weepies (a post to follow on their new cd) … and going back maybe K’s Choice (brother & sister) … but the song I heard made me want to spend a minute talking about the band Innocence Mission (husband & wife). The song was Wonder of Birds: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sXOIrvOMKU&feature=related


Innocence Mission is an acquired taste. It certainly isn’t uptempo but oddly it is upbeat (in message).

I tend to call them the best band in the “wistful Alt-pop genre” (I think i made that genre up). They are probably known best for Bright as Yellow which was used in the movie Empire State Records (a great movie … a great song … a great soundtrack).

Bright as Yellow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eA4ZfLzy1VM&ob=av2e

Their songs have a … well … I imagine it is like a ‘fragile’ quality.  Mostly because they are all sung by Karen Peris (her husband is the other songwriter & guitar player) and she has probably the consummate wistful voice. I have never seen them in concert and I wonder if you can even hear her when she sings live. She sounds like a wistful storyteller … and the songs just seem to wander in a light way … and you get sucked in thinking if you lean closer you get to hear them a little better because they seem to have something important to say. With Christian underpinnings they tend to write hopeful introspective songs but you really have to pay attention. The Innocence Mission have been doing their thing for over 20 years and 10 albums (and their sound hasn’t really evolved much over time … it just is what it is … and it is good).
They have this interesting ability to create songs which thru the lyrics and music arrangements seem to have an emotional level that is, well, comfortable … like sitting in a room filled with a group of friends just talking and laughing.

Can I listen to their music all the time? Nope.

Do I like to listen to it when I am reading (or writing)? Yup.

And maybe what I like best? Wonder of Birds may be the most aptly song name to describe Innocence Mission.

Written by Bruce