There is a great video interview with Sting on USA Today website.  He is commemorating 25 years as a solo artist (geez. THAT makes me feel old … as I not only saw him on his first solo tour but I also saw The Police on their first US tour. Yikes.).

The Sting interview (I believe it is only about 3 ½ minutes long) follows:



What makes the interview great is that he isn’t weird or cerebral (of which he is quite capable of being both or one) but rather is a quote machine for some good stuff about living life and growing older.

Thoughtful stuff.

No matter how someone tries to find the positives of growing old it sucks.  Ok.  Maybe it doesn’t suck but it certainly creates challenges that youth didn’t permit to enter one’s lifestyle. Regardless.  Growing older always creates situations to be reflective. And I imagine for someone like Sting who has spent the majority of his life basking in the spotlight it is even tougher. The spotlight is relentlessly unforgiving.

Those who seem to prosper as they grow older appear to have a nice habit of some common sense perspective … not entitlement … not living in the past …. just simply a good sense of perspective on what they have achieved (and that it lies in the past) and a contentment (that they at least fulfilled a portion of their potential) and a ‘horizon mentality’ (that there is more to be achieved within whatever time is left for them).

I guess that is some sort of personal balance.

But it is a tricky balance.

And I am not sure all people are capable of that balance.

Therefore when you hear someone say things that showcase that balance you have to give them credit (no matter what you may have thought of them up to this point) as well as ponder how you can benefit n your own life from what you have just heard.


A Stingism:

How do you maintain your sense of youth? (sting): I remain curious. About music.  About life. I find I am still searching

(me) Sting, my man, you have never said anything as enlightened in your entire life up until this.

Well done.

Good thought for anyone.

And one last Sting thought.

How do you feel about being 60? (sting): privileged.

Written by Bruce