Addictive song: Ghost Town by Cary Brothers

Cary Brothers

Ok. It may not be addictive (like an Owl City song which just makes you seem so happy it’s like listening to “It’s a Small World” at Disney … anyway … different post) but it is one of those songs you hear on the radio and then want to hear again … and again … and turn it up … and (unfortunately for Cary Brothers) you will want to sing along, especially on the chorus. Oh. Just so you know. The band is not made up of brothers. That’s the guy’s last name. First name Cary. Last name Brothers. Ok. Moving on.

He says he was influenced by Radiohead and The Cure but he sounds like a smoother Stereophonics or Travis to me. But, hey, what do I know. Cary Brothers is a singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. You may have heard one of his songs on either Bones or Garden State soundtrack or Last Kiss soundtrack. Interestingly, an independent musician, his marketing strategy is to actually seek out having his songs featured on TV shows and in movies. I don’t know. That’s just interesting to me. Ok. Moving on again.

Although I do love “Ghost Town”, which is really, really easy to listen to, sing along to and drive to, Ride, a track off his first cd, Who You Are is another very, very good song. Anyway. The newest cd, Under Control is actually chockfull of great songs (assuming you like “Ghost Town” and “Ride” you will like pretty much everything on the cd).

So. His new cd, is off to a great start in sales, but he is doing everything independently so doesn’t have the marketing money to keep pushing it. So (in his words) “now it essentially is left to word of mouth to keep this thing going in the next many months.  touring is coming this summer, so that will help, and there is a video i’m working on to have for you next month, but for now you telling your friends about it is the best way for this record to grow. please spread the word.”

I am doing my part. Not because I think he is a great guy (I don’t know him) but I do think he is really talented and I wanted to write about “Ghost Town” on my site so I figured I kinda owed him.

Written by Bruce