sweater weather


“Head in the clouds but my gravity’s centered … sweater weather lyrics

So let me hold

Both your hands in the holes of my sweater” – Sweater Weather <the neighbourhood>



This is about music.

This is not an addictive pick … nor am I going to suggest this is going to take over the airwaves … but there is something catchy about it that … well … caught my ear.

I tend to write about a song that makes me stop and listen while driving <or watching something> and go ‘hmmmmmmmm … who is this?”


Ok. Who this is … is a band called “the neighbourhood” <a California band despite the british ‘ou’ in neighbourhood> and the song is sweater weather.


Sweater Weather: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCdwKhTtNNw


It is one of those songs I cannot really put my finger on with regard to why I like it.

It is probably a combination of a number of small things … I like the lead voice, I like the overall beat & tempo, I like how they strip down one section of the song to its sparsest musically, I like <some> of the lyrics … but I also admit it is not the Beatles <of course who is> nor has any spectacular aspect to the song.


It is just … well … likeable.

sweater weather neighborhood


Rolling Stone reviewed them in July 2013 and said this about the band and the song … picking out the chilling love song – which cracked Number One on Billboard’s alternative chart – and filling the intimate studio space with the dreamy, gritty tune.


What the heck.

Thought I would share because I assume some of you are as uncool as I am and aren’t up on all the new bands and songs.


A bonus.

I believe this is the second release from most current cd. It is an okay song <musically> but lyrically this may be the ‘fuck you’ song of the year.


Afraid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4InBfAdg-xU



Written by Bruce