hold on we are going home


Oh my.drake hold on

Just heard Drake’s new song on the radio.


Drake’s new single isn’t a rap song it is a pretty spectacular r&b groove song.

The song is ‘Hold on we’re going Home.’


If Chris Brown’s Fine China <a spectacular song> was channeling Michael Jackson’s dance groove … Hold On We’re Going Home channels Michael J’s r&b groove.


Drake recently spoke about his latest release:


“It’s me and [producer Noah] 40 [Shebib] just channeling our Quincy Jones-Michael Jackson production duo,” Drake said of the song, in an interview with MTV. “Obviously no offense to the greats. I know we’re not anywhere near that. It’s just us kind of doing our thing, humbly attempting.”


SPIN magazine describes the song as:


    A dreamy, 100-BPM cut that nicely split the difference between synth-soaked R&B (think Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do with It”) and slow-motion deep house (Disclosure’s “Help Me Lose My Mind”).


It is a really really good r&b song.

drake drizzyMy own thought.

What makes it spectacular to me is this bass note that they have laid underneath the whole thing. It is just deep enough that if you turn up your stereo loud enough it kind of vibrates in your stomach type of deep bass … and they use that one underlying note <or tightly grouped lower tones> as a resonating bed from which the melody, the beat and lyrics bounce up and down over.

It is a nuance but an important one that makes the entire song better.




Hold On We’re Going Home: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLf81mr3t88



Written by Bruce