Addictive song: Jack’s Mannequin “The Resolution”

Jack’s Mannequin is probably one of the best kept secrets around. And I have been waiting for them to come back around again with a catchy, addictive song as an excuse to talk about them. The Resolution is a nifty little song which incorporates what they do best – let Andrew McMahon bang away on the piano, use his catchy style of singing (he has impeccable timing for repeating words and not wasting time injecting unnecessary words) and a nice hook or two. The rest of this CD is okay. It is very personal to Andrew’s dealing with leukemia.


The leader of this band, Andrew McMahon, is an incredible songwriter and performer. He wrote great songs for Something Corporate (which disbanded when he took time off to get treatment for his diagnosed leukemia) and created an incredible first CD for Jack’s Mannequin called “Everything in Transit.”

That CD has some amazing songs like Dark Blue (awesome. No clue why it didn’t get played more), the catchy Mixed Tape and a number of other well crafted songs (I’m Ready and Holiday from Real).

Oh. One more thing. They created a movie/video called Dear Jack which opens on the day Andrew McMahon is diagnosed with leukemia and continues on through the intensely personal events that follow. All proceeds go to the Dear Jack Foundation for Leukemia. Pretty amazing powerful stuff from a pretty amazing young singer-songwriter.

Anyway. Heard this one on the radio and knew who it was immediately. Catchy and fun and energetic. Pretty much everything Jack’s M does consistently.

Written by Bruce