Why I have this Link: “The Rest Is Still Unwritten” http://diamondkt.blogspot.com/

Diamondkt is a guy named David Stehle. I stumbled across his site awhile back and found myself going back to it again and again. He is not as concise as Hugh McLeod or as verbose as I and yet he seems to find the right words, and seemingly the right amount, to say what he has to say. I am happy to add his link and I think you will like that he shares personal thoughts and serious thoughts but always a thoughtful point of view.

Oh. And I admit I got sucked in by how he described his site:

“I fill this virtual notebook. I cast a light on myself that is not always kind, but always shines true, illuminating the soul. Pieces of me left unwritten. A life I can’t always define. Words often unvarnished. Other times finished. They are all my own and this is their home. This is me.”

Finally. These two links are examples of reasons why his site is now linked to mine:

The Selfish Giver

Quitting Your Job In A Recession Isn’t Genius, It’s Idiotic

Written by Bruce