Why I have this Link: A Life In Translation


I have included A Life In Translation because I found it cleverly written, very funny and interestingly insightful into the mind of 20-somethings. I vaguely remember what it was like to be a 20-something (and I loved it) and Jamie (and her roommate’s blog which is almost as funny and slightly more x-rated funny) share some hysterically insightful glimpses into their lives. The site isn’t for the faint of heart (or the old folks hearts) but it is really well written in a very personal way. So. Who is “a life in translation”?

“This is Jamie on Jamie – Jamie Varon is the type of person who feels extremely awkward talking or writing in the third person, because it’s slightly narcissistic. I mean, everyone knows Jamie is the one typing this description and are we supposed to pretend that she’s not? That she hired someone to write this page? No, my friends, we’re not. Bottom line: on this blog, I’m the most honest version of myself, to a point where my mom will email me telling me I should be a bit more “innocent” or “PG-13″ which is adorable, but HAS SHE MET ME?”

Awesome. Visit it. I am glad to add her link.

Written by Bruce