birthdays are funny things

So. Today a friend of mine is celebrating a birthday.

(well. actually last week when the site was down under renovations)

I hate my own birthdays.

Well. Okay. Not hate. Let’s say they are kind of like New Year’s eve to me … it is just another day in the year (hey … I like Christmas … chubby guy with presents and egg nog with rum … and 4th of July … you get to blow things up).

My friend? Special special day (so this is a happy birthday to you).

I keep hoping one day my birthday becomes as special to me as some birthdays are to other people. Storypeople (Brian Andreas) is one of my favorite artists and thoughtful saying artists. He summarized the thinking perfectly:

I used to hate birthdays, she told me, until I figured out I was the Queen of the Universe & now I do them for the little people. – storypeople

Me? I keep waiting for the day that I feel like the King of the Universe and start liking my birthday.

But for now? To all my friends who love their birthdays and celebrating it like Christmas … well … Happy Christmas! … oops  … Birthday!happy birthday tigger post

I envy your ability to seize the opportunity to celebrate your life.

I tend to find the people who enjoy their birthdays as the people who know how to enjoy their lives.

The people who look at each birthday as an opportunity to smile a little about their life.

The people who seem to be glass is half full (if not more) type people.

They aren’t tortured souls they are more life celebrators.

I envy them because I think they have kept a little of their ‘little kid’ and not afraid to let everyone know it. The best don’t really care about the gift part at all (excepting maybe from someone really special in their lives) they enjoy the celebration. The enjoy the moment.

It’s fun to them getting together with a huge chocolate cake, ice cream and maybe tons of balloons and friends, family or loved ones.

And here is the real nuance.

I think they like to celebrate them but love the fact that people actually remember it’s their birthday.

So. While I am certainly one of the non-birthday people (who could give a rat’s ass when it comes to my own day) I will make a big deal with someone else’s birthday if it’s important to them.

But most importantly I remember (or try as well as I can).

For the greatest gift I believe you can give a friend is found in the details.


happy birthday.

And, in the end, here is one thing about your birthday that is truer than true:

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

Dr. Seuss

Written by Bruce