Dead Sara


This is rock music … and good rock music.

Great riffs with a strong female lead singer.

Dead Sara’s music reminds me a lot of Full Blown Rose (who was an awesome Portland band but just couldn’t get their shit together as a band to stay together).

Dead Sara is fronted by singer Emily Armstrong and guitarist Siouxsie Medley who have been making music together since they were teenagers.

Here are some things I found about them just to give you a sense of what to expect.

A reviewer: the band traverses with ease from genre to genre producing melodic gems that flow right into in fierce, tear your head off, metal induced rockers all with a gritty, primal edge that leaves your ears wondering what could possibly come next.


The story behind the band’s name.

Emily: We get asked all the time. Its from the Fleetwood Mac song “Sara”, where in it she says, “said Sara”. Siouxsie and I always liked it as “dead Sara”. So we decided later down the line to use it as a band name…plus it was the only name both of us could agree on!

They have been quoted as saying they want their sound to be “really raw and primal, even a bit unsettling.”

Siouxsie: While recording we were trying many raw and organic tones and sounds as that’s really who we are live. Our live show is very dynamic and raw and we wanted to convey that on the record.

Dead Sara music … okay .. I am gonna ease you into Dead Sara by sharing Sorry for It All first. This is Dead Sara ‘lite’ for the lighthearted …

Sorry for it All:

After this it gets much much stronger and darker and … well … really good if you like this stuff. I bet Motley Crue likes this band (and probably the guys in Linkin Park too).

The song “Weatherman” is on the radio but I think “I said You Were Lucky” is going to be not far behind. I am including both.


And if you have any doubts as to their live performance ability there is a pretty kick ass version of this song live from the Viper Room.

Here is… I said You Were Lucky:

Good stuff.

Certainly not Barry Manilow or even Indigo Girls but the music world would be boring without new bands like this.



And if you don’t know the Full Blown Rose reference here is a taste:

In the Light:

Somebody Help Me:

Written by Bruce