enlightened conflict these days




Enlightened conflict.


I haven’t written about my site’s nom de plume for quite a while.



And its been on my mind to do so.



Mainly because lately after I have written something I have found myself placing tags on the post like “enlightened reading” or “enlightened thinking” or “enlightened politics” or … well … I guess I have been thinking about enlightened a lot.



Maybe I sense that now more than ever we need to open our minds, and consequently our souls, to learn and listen and be open to be enlightened with new knowledge and new thinking.



We are certainly in times of angst.



An ‘apocalypse’?  Certainly not.


Just unrest and uneasiness.



And, frankly, in times like these it is easier, and … well … lazier … and to fall back on our opinions and “what we believe” <versus what maybe we should know>.


And, yet, this is the time more than ever to listen.

To learn.

To embrace curiosity and attack our own personal ignorance.


I imagine I feel that way not because of any unrest but rather because it seems like the truth … or what we should  know … is becoming increasingly difficult to discern from fiction. And that increasing difficulty consequently provides a convenient excuse to do some lazy thinking.





Those who know me … know I always have an opinion.  On anything.  And, when asked, will support my opinion with “here are some real action steps and “here is what I would do.”



And, you know what?

It generates response (and some conflict).


And I listen.


And I change my opinion on occasion.


Yup. I am not always right.



But that is the core of what enlightened conflict is all about. Semi-educated opinions being expressed, listening <always> and then responding <in some way>.





I know I would sell my soul to step in within a meaningful governmental role and help America get beyond the challenges we face today. I would sell my soul to step in at a global discussion level on a variety of topics.

Does that mean I have all the answers?




But I also know I would be enlightened.  And challenged. And have to think harder than I maybe have ever had to think before. And face conflict.  And still come up with solutions.



Beyond that.



There are practical every day non government ‘you & I’ type issues.


Homelessness. Child abuse. Education of our youth. Women’s rights. Bullying.  Self esteem and depression. These are issues we cannot be enlightened enough about.

In addition … never before has the concept of “work hard and good things will come to you” been as untrue as it is today.


The challenged people today, of which there are a shitload with REAL challenges … not cosmetic challenges, are often working as hard as they can.


And we, who are also certainly challenged, but not as challenged as they, need to get our proverbial heads out of our asses and recognize that hard work sometimes just isn’t enough.



People need help. That is also enlightenment.



As for some things I just wrote?  That is conflict.



And from what I just wrote I will get 10 personal emails shoving it up my ass versus the one comment <the ratios may actually vary in real life>. In that is a thought in itself.



Enlightenment is a tough issue. And I am not an “enlightener” … I merely facilitate the discussion.  I poke at ignorance. I encourage curiosity.  I am a thorn in the side of evil. I am a friend of good <but aspire to be as good as ‘good’>.







I envision, in my eyes, enlightened conflict isn’t a site. It is a concept.  It is a belief. And while I don’t know everything (although I aspire to do so…I am chuckling as I write that)) I do know one thing … enlightening yourself has never been more important than it is today.


While I am doing but a small part I imagine we could all be doing more to be enlightened … and embrace curiosity. And be open to new thoughts.



That said I wanted to end this post of random thoughts on enlightened conflict with a thought on … well … thought. This is actually the introduction to a really interesting piece written by Jamal Harward called ‘Faith & Progress” and ultimately directs the reader to ‘The Qur’an the Word of God.’ It is very well written and I tend to think of it more as encouraging individual enlightened thought then as a faith/ideology manifesto:




Mankind progresses through thought.

The most important factor affecting our actions in life is the thoughts we believe in and carry. Without thought man drifts aimlessly from situation to situation, waiting for things to happen, rather than initiating action and progressing.


Man needs to take a comprehensive view of what we are, and how we should fit into the scheme of life in its entirety. Man not only is interested in finding a solution to these basic questions, but needs to take a view in order to have a reference point for all problems he faces. In short man needs an ideology or complete way of life to believe in and to regulate his affairs.


There are answers available to these most fundamental of questions of who we are, why we are here and how do we relate to life not only now but life before us and life in the future. The challenge facing us is to exercise our minds to their full capability in finding the correct solution, a solution that can be tested against reality, and ration, and will be comprehensive for all circumstances.


Only in the adoption of a comprehensive thought and ideology will mankind both individually and collectively have peace of mind and a solid foundation upon which he is freed up to truly progress. Society needs a way of life to which all problems can be referred and solutions readily given.

It is not acceptable to let life pass, without contemplating and deciding the basis upon which life itself is built and organised.


Jamal Harward








“It is not acceptable to let life pass without contemplating and ...”



Big thought.



He is simply suggesting it is imperative in Life to have thoughts on values and some moral compass.

Is that an ideology? Yeah. I guess so. An ideology of thought <I am not sure it matters what faith ideology you actually land upon … it is more the journey of thought that is important>.



Any thought, or thinking, is enlightening in its broadest sense. We need it more than ever these days.



If you would like to skip the ‘conflict’ and go directly to enlightened … feel free.



It is all good.

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Written by Bruce