fine china and get lucky



Let’s go old school music with contemporary artists today. I was tempted to call this ‘my retro top 40 good stuff to listen to’ but that was too long. Regardless. Two songs are chugging up the top 40 radio playlist that pay homage to the past – Michael Jackson and disco. And, by the way, they are actually two pretty good songs <one spectacular>.


First.chris brown-fine china

Michael Jackson. That would be Chris Brown’s new song “fine china.”

A spectacularly listenable song. Ok. This song is just spectacular. Catchy and crossover <generations>. And boy oh boy … can this boy dance.

This is a really <really> good song.


Chris Brown‘s homage to Michael Jackson in “Fine China”:


Just the song Fine China:

Full Michael Jacksonesque video:


The video is Michael Jackson story like. The song is good. The dancing is great. All the rest is fluff but I give credit to Chris for making it meaningful fluff in a MJ music video style.

I tend to believe Chris Brown is a punk. But he sure is a talented punk.



disco 1The music homage to disco. That would be Daft Punk “Get Lucky” feat. Pharrell Williams


Get Lucky:



What is this song all about? Disco disco disco. Remember the band called Chic? <Chic played the song Le Freak from their album C’est Chic and made disco history>.


Nobody is probably old enough to remember Chic and Le Freak … but Get Lucky utilizes the magical music mind of Chic’s Nile Rodgers. Because of him this song captures the groove of disco-funk in an infectious guitar riff and upbeat tempo.

Awesome listening.


Two good radio songs.

Two good retro songs.


Written by Bruce