come along redux

“Come along and you’ll see what it’s like to be free” – Titiyotitiyo come along


It’s about time. 12 years after its initial release <2001> one of my favorite little known songs has been redone <quite well> and is sneaking up the charts in 2013.

The song is Come Along.

Originally done by Titiyo <Teh-tee-yo> and  now sung by Vicci Martinez featuring Cee Lo.

Vicci, who has a nice voice, didn’t do much to the original version except speed it up ever so slightly. And it sound good.

It is nice done and extremely listenable and a good radio song.


titiyo vicci come2013 Come Along :


And here is the original.

2001 Come Along <original>:


So. The first time I heard Come Along was on the TV show, Providence, soundtrack <I wasn’t familiar with the show itself>. A good soundtrack by the way if you were interested in rising thoughtful singers in the early 2000’s.

The soundtrack spans from the alt-folk style of Dar Williams and Jonatha Brooke to the contemporary country of Rebecca Lynn Howard and Kim Richey to Titiyo’s anthemic pop to Beatles remakes <both Shawn Colvin and Chantal Kresaviuk do versions of In My Life that are spectacularly sweet in completely different ways>.


Titiyo was more popular in Europe when she was cranking music out in the early 2000’s.

Titiyo Yambalu Felicia Jah is Swedish. Interesting, at least to me, she is the half-sister of singer-songwriter Neneh Cherry <remember the song Buffalo Dance?>, the stepdaughter of jazz trumpeter and composer Don Cherry and stepsister to Eagle-Eye Cherry <who had some annoying top 40 song I cannot remember off the top of my head>.


I didn’t share this post to share random background information but rather to share the song.

Really good song when originally done.

Really good song redone & rereleased.

Just really good.

Written by Bruce