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Some different music … a Brazilian musician as a matter of fact.seu jorge2008


A little old (late 2008) but I just saw this artist, and his band, on Jools Holland.


A guy named Seu Jorge.


Some background <because I had no clue who he was but the music was infectious>. Seu Jorge was part of the Brazilian band called Farofa Carioca and wrote most of the songs on the 1998 debut album Moro no Brasil.


Then in 2001 he released a solo album Samba Esporte Fino <it was released outside Brazil under the name Carolina in 2003>.


His second album, Cru <“Raw”> was released in 2005 <and that is the album the song he plays on Jools Holland comes from>.


Seu Jorge also recorded the live duo album “Ana & Jorge” with Brazilian singer Ana Carolina released in Brazil in 2005.




Here is Seu.


This is a nice taste of his music and style. Upbeat fresh and great listening and exotic.


Buruguesinha by Seu Jorge (Later Live – with Jools Holland):



By the way … I am fairly sure that ‘burguesinha’ means little bourgeois girl <or rich girl>.




This next video and song I love because it showcases him in a couple of interesting ways.


It is sparse. I imagine it is paying homage to his days on the street as a guy playing for loose change in people’s pockets.


Not highly produced and pretty simple. It showcases an earlier version of him than the Jools Holland does.



Tive Razao <with William Dafoe & Bill Murray – as a priest – in video>:





Who is this guy? Well. He used to be a homeless guy.


Seu Jorge <Portuguese pronunciation:  sew> is a Brazilian singer/songwriter.


Born Jorge Mário da Silva <one of his bandmates apparently gave him his stage name> when he was 19 he became homeless and remained homeless for 3 years. His music flourished when he was living in the streets and was playing as a street musician.



I love this music.


I love finding random artists from outside America to listen to.


It is a reminder that there are some spectacularly talented musicians <and people> outside the boundaries of the country I live in.



Written by Bruce