Imogene and Jeff

Well.beck imogene tal

I have always believed Jeff Beck was one of the great guitar players of his generation. But <here is where I get in trouble with the true guitar aficionados> I believe he is greatest when he is complimenting … not leading.


Case in point?

I just saw a 2007 concert of his on Palladia TV channel.

When he is solo leading his band he is good … flashes of true guitar greatness … but it is not always the easiest to listen to.


beck imogenHeap_400But then he invites people to perform with him. In fact in this show he has Imogene Heap join him on 2 songs.

Her voice pulls Jeff Beck up to an entirely different level. Albeit her voice is perfect for improvisational jazz but together they create a pretty magical, beautiful musical journey … his guitar is as sweet as her voice and it all just … well … flows.

This song is spectacular.

The Blanket –


The other thing I noted as I watched was Beck’s bass player. beck tal wilkenShe seemed so young to be playing with him but she also sounded awful good.

A bass player with someone like Jeff Beck has the challenge of keeping him between the guard rails as well as … on occasion … leading him back home … and always has to keep the music all moving forward.

That bass player is a young lady named Tal Wilkenfield. A guitar prodigy from Australia … she picked up the bass a while ago and the rest is history. Apparently she now always plays with Jeff.


Here are a couple more songs just for your listening pleasure.


Rollin’ and Tumblin’ –


Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers:


I have a framed picture of this famous photo of Jeff Beck <among a couple other semi-collector images framed> and while I can honestly say I am not a huge fan of his music … and I appreciate what the man can do with a guitar. He is proof that loud and fast is not a guarantee of ‘good’ when it comes to great guitar playing.

Written by Bruce