global generation: education finds a voice


Global children’s education seems to be finding a voice.  Ok. A number of voices (imagine if they all worked together).

I was pleased to write about project global generation and a global children’s education initiative again inspired by  writing the 2010 MTV Europe awards. Huh? Yup … but don’t be scared .. it is actually relevant .. and entertaining with regard to global education.


Some background (because I am assuming many of my readers have never seen the Europe Awards). The 2010 MTV Europe Awards are something to see (everyone should take a minute to watch at least one).

I have seen a number of them but they mostly have some show-stopping performances, and this one had increasingly skimpy costume changes (Katy Perry seems to make a gazillion changes).

Hard to describe but it is VERY different then an American awards show.

But the awards ceremony was simply the opportunity to be able to showcase what I wanted to write about.

They this “Free your Mind” award (I don’t know if we have it in the USA).

And it’s awesome.

And it’s awesome because somewhere out there someone had to recognize that not only is music a possible spokesperson for good (because of the iconic status it has on occasion) but someone also recognized that music seems to have the ability to align people.

This year’s award was (in my eyes) extremely well deserved and extremely well presented.

Shakira won this year for her inspirational anthem ‘Waka Waka (It’s Time for Africa)’ which was used to promote universal education and her charitable work in Africa.

And as she wins she states …  ‘music is the soundtrack of our lives.’

(Amen sister)

–          on a separate note … she also has a separate foundation trying to improve education in her home country of Columbia as well as she has spoken at the UN as part of her commitment to children’s education and the UN Millennium Initiative (the 2nd goal in the Initiative is about global education for kids)


I don’t particularly like Shakira’s music but I don’t give a shit.

In this case her focus is on target … she says it like it is … and, the best, she did something. In fact she is doing a lot of something. Good for her.

But global children’s education got an added bonus during the awards show.


And if I could bottle this ‘added bonus’ up and use it over and over and over again to showcase the importance of education to the youth and the impact we adults can make on this initiative I would (and I may).

Here is what happened.

30 Seconds to Mars did a pretty amazing introduction to the award and synthesized the importance of global education before actually introducing Shakira for the ‘free your mind award.’

This is an incredible well articulated thought.

30 Seconds intro to Shakira:

Let’s be clear about something (whether you like 30 Seconds to Mars or not).

Jared Leto is an excellent speaker.

Let me say that again (because a shitload of people will disregard him as a soap star and make believe rock star).

Jared Leto is an excellent speaker.

And a compelling speaker.

And frankly he used his fame and the stage to actually say something worthwhile. And I believe everyone should give him credit.

I know I do.

He articulated the big idea better, ok , as well as anyone would, or could, ever have.


That was a bonus.


One more bonus.

The Waka Waka video which helped Shakira win the award:

That’s it for this post.

From a global perspective I believe poverty & children’s education are the two most important issues that need to be addressed for the betterment of the world’s population. While people may argue I believe if you fix these two things everything else will fall I place (Human Rights, resource management, etc.).

And from a global perspective (in finding a solution to global education for the young) it appears there are some outstanding individual efforts … in combination with a powerful overarching institution like the UN which has incorporated it into a larger Millennium initiative … gosh … imagine what they could do if the collaborated and worked together? (gosh)


Congratulations Shakira.

Congratulations Jared.

You don’t know me … but I appreciate what you did and are doing.

(and by the way … if you do happen to read this check out my project global generation initiative at because I think you would like it)

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Written by Bruce