hold on everyone, Christmas Healthcare gifts need to be returned!

…. oops … some <healthcare> gifts may have given by mistake this year …

Holy shit Batman, healthcare reform Christmas gifts may need to be returned. With one Senate race in Massachusetts the bastardized health care program with all its warts is on the verge of dying.

What does that mean? That gift you received on Christmas Eve is gonna have to be returned to Santa Government <oh … but I believe they have been the ones who have been naughty>.

Nancy Pelosi said the other day “we are not in a rush; we need to take a pause to find a new consensus on a healthcare bill.”

Uh oh.

“Not in a rush.” Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. (some teeth gnashing and screaming associated with this lil’ nooooooooooo…)

The healthcare program which everyone agrees we need, and have needed now for, oh, say a full year publicly, and has been bashed around and picked at and attached to for a year by the House and the Senate and every private constituent involved is now “not in a rush” because the Senate swings in Republican favor.

<thank you Massachusetts for nothin’>

First. If this past year was a rush <in government speak> … what the hell is “not in a rush” going to look like?

The next frickin’ millennium?

Second. Democrat versus Republican. Someone please sit them down and suggest “we the people” want <and need> a reformed healthcare system and we DON’T CARE ABOUT DEMOCRATS OR REPUBLICANS. <note: … they all look the same anyway because I am fairly sure they all buy ties at the same frickin’ Jos. A Bank store with its ‘buy 6 get 26 for free’ tie sales …>

Next. “Consensus”. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (a lot of teeth gnashing and screaming associated with this lil nooooooooooooooo…..)

Nancy uses the dreaded consensus word in trying to get a bill that will be approved.

Anyone who has read my blog knows how I feel about consensus. This version is going to be a landmark example of all the evil aspects of consensus.

“Democratic leaders now must consider whether to push for final approval of the health care bill. They have been trying to negotiate a compromise bill that would reconcile the differences between bills approved in the House and Senate.”

OMG. Compromise. Consensus. Crap.

The death of what has been lingering on life support for awhile.

USA Today: Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank, a strong supporter of the health care legislation, said Brown’s victory means Congress will have to “start over on health care.” He said he will vote against any bill rushed to the floor before Brown can be sworn in.

Let me repeat in case you got bored or your eyes glazed over or something.

“Start over on healthcare.”

Definition? Die. Dead. Death. Pick a word.

Written by Bruce