Renovations from Mother Nature in Pacifica

I recently contacted Mother Nature inquiring as to her costs for renovation. She has been doing some nice work right down the street from me. On Thursday night (apparently she works overtime) she made some changes to the view at the complex nearby. Unfortunately she forgot to warn the owners.

“It was this ‘pow-pow-pow,’ then ‘crash!’ and I dashed into the living room to have a look,” said a resident. “And what I saw was this.” She pointed out her back door to where a stub of what used to be her concrete patio stuck out sharply into the air.

improved view in pacifica

A 60-foot chunk of soil, fencing and the patios of three apartments had plummeted into the churning ocean waves 85 feet below.

Thursday was the second time in two months that cliff erosion shuttered apartments in the series of complexes lining the fragile coastline that sits on Pacifica’s Esplanade. (uh, anyone reading this, I am on the “fragile coastline”… so…if the blog stops you know why)

And though city officials said they have no fear that the building affected Thursday will fall into the ocean, they are considering ordering the rest of the residents in the complex evacuated.

“It’s a pretty bad situation, very confusing for people,” said Doug Rider, Pacifica’s chief building inspector. “They can all sleep there tonight (Thursday), but we are assessing whether it would be wise to shut off the gas lines to protect them from breaking.”

Ok. Maybe it’s just me but

1. I am not sure I would be staying in a place where the patio just fell into the ocean and my living room has become the patio.

2. I am pleased they are allowing me to stay some place where they have disconnected the electricity and gas.

But. The residents should be reassured by confident officials who say “That building’s not going to fall, but we do have to take a good look at everything.”

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…my translation of this is “hey, we think it’s not going to fall into the ocean but it may.”

On a side note. My mother is relatively sure the Apocalypse is now upon us, and my sister hopes it has only targeted me.

Written by Bruce