joy formidable


While joy, in general, should be formidable …. in this case … joy formidable is a band.

The main music comparison? Metric.

And I love Metric.

And this band is simply a UK (welsh) Metric.

Or a Shiny Toy Guns sound (if you like that band).

Some reviewers suggest the band’s style is “grungy pop.” (not sure I agree)

Another magazine said “ music drenched in fuzzy bass, propelled by driving percussion … their music transforms ear-stabbing reverb into something pretty, airy, girly and sometimes dark.” (that I agree with)

Upbeat. Slightly frenetic on occasion. Kind of a pop version of disco 2011 style.  The first single is amazing.

And you are gonna hear it a lot (non stop) on the radio.

This is the song you have heard (or you will be hearing).  Whirring:

The Joy Formidable’s The Big Roar is very good.  Initially you will get attached to “Whirring.” but it won’t take long for the other tracks to start running through your head with their infectious electronic riffs.

“A Heavy Abacus” is a more fierce sound, not as light, with uptempo electronica and lower chord darker/deeper guitar riffs which provide the perfect counterpoint for Ritzy Bryan’s  vocals to weave in and out of.

I dug around a little and their website features their newest song “heavy abacus.” It does have a heavier guitar sound but still maintains that riff heavy manic disco-like sound.


Written by Bruce