“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are made for.”

John Shedd

Every once in awhile someone says something so simple that says something so expansive you have to admire the gift of words.

I love the simplicity of what this says. If you believe this is simply about ships you are sorely mistaken.

I show this quote to high school kids all the time.

You can stay in the harbor as long as you want and feel safe … but ultimately we weren’t created to stay in the harbor.

Life is meant to be … well … sailed. Sailed on calm waters and even the rough waters.Sure … letting go of what is safe is difficult. Anyone who tries and tells you otherwise <even the risk takers> is lying. Risk takers just have had more practice … and have found a different comfort level. In addition … they have found the sheer joy of sailing. Leaving the safe harbor is partially about letting go. Not easy. But … whew … Life is sure a lot more fun, and interesting, if you let go of the safe harbor and sail.

I could run with this metaphor on a number of levels … but this Life thought is so simple why waste a lot of words?

Revel in its simplicity and its bigness.

Written by Bruce