new music duo (addictive songs)


Driving long distances to meetings means you get more radio listening time.  And beyond the seemingly endless array of religion stations and bad country music that you can find driving through just about any rural section of the united states (it ain’t just a south thing) you can pick out a gem on occasion.

Here is a  duo of new gems.

And they are not related to each other in any way other than the fact I liked ‘em. In fact.  The two are almost diametrically opposed. The first has a chance to become the next Foster the People catchy hit and the second will just be one of this incredibly listenable songs that gets played often on the radio but will never zoom to poppy overplayed hype heights.

Aw.  But what do I know?

Here are the two:

grouplove “colours”


I like Cage the Elephant (in an odd way) and these guys are in the same vein.

But the song has some of the catchiness of the Foster the People ‘Pumped Up kicks’ song so it may end up sweeping higher than any Cage song done to date.

The video is horrible but I first heard the song on the radio and just like the first Cage the Elephant song I heard I couldn’t wait to hear it again wondering who the hell it was. It isn’t really angry young music it is just jagged catchy young music. Blogs and everyone online have posted a seemingly endless amount of posts giving Grouplove plenty of love (is that an example of group love?) for their catchy songs which up to this point only appeared on an EP and over the internet. But now they have a full cd.

And it has a lot of songs which are fun and incredibly addictive.  The two of note (to me) are the songs ‘Colours’ and ‘Naked Kids.’ They use pop-like riffs and are easy-to-listen introductions to the band and its music. In general their music is youthful, energetic and … frickin’ contagious. It’s hard to hear one of their songs and not sing along while driving.

This would qualify as one of my addictive songs and listed with a rising star.


head and the heart “lost in my mind”

The lead singer sings just like Tyler Hilton (who I like a lot) and the song has a nice rambling folksy feel to it.

Well.  The band also has the sound of eastmountainsouth (who I also liked a lot). I find that they are a little difficult to peg soundwise (they are both guitar and piano driven and male & female lead vocals and while certainly in the ‘indie’ category they mix folk and pop). I have read that they seem to play anywhere (even in high schools) and has a strong reputation as a phenomenal live band so I imagine they have some hope to make it big even if through effort alone. .

I found this online:. A palette of orchestral elements weave their way through the album, including cello, glockenspiel, and violin, all shading in the songs’ development. For all the times your toes tap while enjoying this band, often the lightness will deceptively belie the depth of ache in the lyrics when you sit down to really listen. Nice summary.


It is easy listenin’ to the ear.

Lost my Mind:

That’s it.

I just heard two new songs and wanted to share.

Written by Bruce