pause, sweet & bittersweet

The pause.


We are going to take a moment and pause (on the whole posting thing). is going to pause for a moment (or several days … but simply a moment in intergalactic time warp speed).


The movers are coming. The movers are coming (which basically means home cable internet access is kaput).

Who cares?


Anyone who reads enlightened conflict. The site will be on “pause” until I can get me and my computer resettled in Atlanta.

I would imagine maybe this upcoming weekend I can figure out how to get my act together and start writing again.

Enlightenedconflict then enters into the southern zone. Let’s see what happens then. Maybe I will have an entirely new perspective on everything simply because I will be warm again and not be inundated with recycling tips and dog poop etiquette.

sweet bittersweet but not sour


Why is enlightenedconflict moving to Atlanta?


A sweet job opportunity came up. One too good to pass on (despite the fact I was focused on staying on west coast and re-establishing myself in the land of karma and state debt).


I will admit.

Moving onto new opportunities is sometimes sweet and bittersweet at the same time.

Life is funny that way.

(but never sour) so I have that going for me.

Sweet is having choices (I had a couple of job opportunities pop up at the same time).

Bittersweet are repercussions of choices (I have to move … and my mother has to move).

Sweet is the right opportunity to use the brain.

Bittersweet is leaving a legacy opportunity on the shelf (ok. maybe not behind but stored away for awhile).


Yeah. It’s sweet.

New job. A cool job. A fun job (as far as ad agency jobs can be fun). Good smart talented people to work with. New business challenges. New brain puzzles. New teaching opportunities. New opportunities to shape the future of businesses and people. And of course new opportunities to learn more stuff.


The bittersweet.

Leaving that damn legacy idea behind.

Since I launched projectglobalgeneration (my global children’s education initiative) I have had some nice inquiries. But life demands some practical things of you so I need to let someone else do it.

(it is there for the taking if anyone wants it … and I would support anyone who would be willing to do it right … and not half-assed)

Another bittersweet aspect of this decision.

Man. I love this writing thing.

So I am may be stepping back from writing (because practically time to do personal writing gets cut back and I do have to start writing for the company blog and start making sense and focusing on business stuff).


None of that creates any sour taste in my mouth.



The only slightly sour thing is moving my mother from the west coast where she loves living. It does make it difficult to manage that and her emotions of shifting her home and making her make such a big change in her life at this age and time of her life. Uprooting her from her life is painful to watch, be part of and know you are ultimately responsible for.  I do wish I could have figured out how to have had her stay where she was and me be happy and businesswise satisfied. I will for the rest of my life not doubt the decision and what needs to be done now but I will always look back at this time and wonder if I missed something that could have resolved the situation differently.



It is all just part of life. Some tradeoffs. You just try to keep the balance sheet of life slightly higher on the revenue side then the expense side.

I am looking forward to the job.

I am looking forward to being back in Atlanta and seeing friends.

I am looking forward to being back in the south.

I am looking forward to never seeing fog again (ever in my lifetime if I can avoid it).

I am looking forward to seeing what happens with enlightenedconflict with a southern perspective.

All in all.

More sweet than bitter and no sour at all.

Tasty time in life one would say.

“It’s bittersweet, more sweet than bitter, bitter than sweet. It’s a bittersweet…surrender”

Big Head Todd & The Monsters

Let the Pause begin. (snooze button here)

Written by Bruce