Pravda, Putin & Poverty in the USofA

The new Economist has Putin on its cover and it made me think about checking out what the Pravda had to say.

God almighty I love taking a couple of minutes and reading the Russian paper Pravda online every once in awhile.

As a reminder. Pravda is kind of like russia’s version of USA Today (someone at USA Today is cringing at the moment). I say that to remind us that a lot of people read it and it has that same ‘people magazine like’ writing style.


Pravda is all in a tizzy on a variety of issues. And they pull no punches when they feel strongly about something.


Lies on SKY: The British Media Circus comes to Russia (note: someone there should get a raise just for writing this headline).

Right on cue two days before Russia’s Parliamentary elections, comes SKY News. Are they following terrorists, interviewing rapists, glorifying murderers and taking sides? Are they asking Americans in Iraq if they are looking for revenge for 9/11? Why no, they are muck-raking in Russia’s vast interior, painting a negative image of Vladimir Putin.

Awesome stuff:


I have mixed feelings about good ole Vlad the Impaler 2012.  Every time I read about him or hear him speak I think about the song “Cult of Personality” (an awesome song):

Anyway. I digressed by including that video so back to the point of the post. Pravda.

Having cult of personality is a fine line in leadership. I happen to believe Russia needs a charismatic leader to re-position itself in the global economy.  And what I mean by that is that a strong leader can help Russia get its mojo back.  Help it have a clear identity and regain some of its “mother country” swagger and belief system.

Putin the right guy? Shit.  I don’t know. They probably scoff at Obama.  I don’t have the right to choose for them. However what I do know is that Putin is polarizing and sometimes polarizing is good. What I also know is that the Pravda defends him (albeit their communist roots are showing).


The article was worth a chuckle.

And if you have any doubts … here is a soundbite … “In the sewer where the British media resides, pride of place in this festering cesspit, alongside the British Bullshit Corporation, must be reserved for SKY News, where lies on SKY abound, where stories are turned around or upside down, where gross manipulation rules the day and where insinuation goes hand in hand with reporting what are supposed to be facts.”

(journalism at its best)


An attack on capitalism using Foreign Affairs magazine as its main source (which, frankly, is a really smart move on the columnist’s part) and highlighting USA’s poverty.

Quote: Since then, bribery has become common practice. In 1971, there were 141 companies represented by lobbyists in Washington. In 1982, there were 2,445.


He makes a good point (commie bastard).

I guess this article reminds me why I like reading foreign news articles.  Even if they are opinion articles. I sometimes believe it is quite easy for us Americans to throw stones at others (despite our own issues). So this article throws a nifty sharp edged stone at America using the ‘communist stance’ point of view to make us think about our issues.

And as with any good read there are aspects of truth (as well as some blurry edges).

Reading this article I can very easily see how communism (in its public relations form) could be very appealing to a lot of people.

And I can also see how when the Communist PR machine was working on full cylinders (albeit I believe the infamous Lada only had 4 cylinders) it created some compelling intellectual debate amongst socialist, democratic and any non-communist driven country.

In fact. I would imagine many americans living here in the miserable now reading this would be quite tempted to say “why not?”

(now … that is a scary thought)


Here is the Pravda home site. Take a minute.

Is the news skewed or truly reflective of what the typical Russian thinks? Geez.  I don’t know.

But.  As I have said before.

A LOT of people read this paper.

And I have to assume a LOT of people believe it.

And a LOT of people’s point of view is framed by what they read here.

At minimum it is fun reading.

Written by Bruce