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Here is what I hope to do that will “echo in eternity.”

Project Global Generation.

I have updated project global generation, about 75+ pages of it, with sources including TED, The Economist, Time Magazine, multiple foreign education programs (including Singapore & Korea), PewResearch, UNESCO and additional research studies … all as best I can.

I would have had to rewrite complete posts if I wanted to eliminate all redundancy (and … sigh … I was not up to the task) so most articles were updated to insure they had the most up-to-date thoughts.

Why update now? Time magazine had two recent articles on web based education.

“… hopes that the internet can improve teaching may at last be bearing fruit” – Time Magazine (Flipping the Classroom) 9/17

“… many people now believe that the internet can make a real difference educating children.” – Time Magazine (The Great Schools Revolution) 9/17

Maybe I am not as nuts as I thought I was (at least with regard to this idea).

Since 2008 or 9 I have been writing about Project Global Generation – a web based global children’s education initiative (and I am probably done because re-reading everything I am not sure I can write anything new or prove why it is a good idea and it is the time to do it).

Most people thought the idea was nuts … okay … they just thought (a) teaching via web was not going to be effective <in school hands on teaching was best> and (2) it wasn’t practical to implement <they couldn’t envision how it could actually happen>.

Maybe some people don’t think it’s that nuts anymore.

Regardless.  I still believe it is a good idea.

If you want everything from strategy underpinnings, rationale, specific tactics, implementation plan of action and real costs, the project global generation website has it all.

Read it if you are interested.

Forward it to anyone you believe would be interested in it.


If this isn’t your thing … please … at minimum … be interested in kid’s education.

Someday we will be dependent on them.

So. Care now.


If you elect to visit the site here is what you will find. Here is the table of contents:

–          About Project Global Generation

The welcome to the site and why I created this idea/initiative.

–          Table of contents and summary

If you read only one thing this would be it.  Right here (this post is the contents/summary).  A cliff notes version of everything you can find on the site.

–          1. global generation: dawn of enlightened individuality (the global generation)

using a variety of sources I outline what I believe the generation after the Millennials, called The Global Generation, will look like attitudinally and how they ‘fit’ in the cycle of generations.

–          1a. The global generation student: about their abilities & attitude

using a Fischler study and the Singapore Ministry of Education I try and overcome some misperceptions about the abilities and attitudes of a younger generation of students

–          2. global generation: a look at millennials (and why they are not the global generation)

in this post I take a deeper dive into why I believe the Millennials will end up facilitating the Global Generation opportunity and not be the generation that will impact education & enlightened conflict directly.

–          3. global generation: sociology & the internet platform

there are some inherent sociological benefits to a we based education initiative and in this post I outline them.

–          4. global generation: developing critical thinking skills

in this post I outline how the Global generation, facilitated by a web based program, will be the greatest critical thinking generation we have seen.

–          5. global generation: education messaging underpinnings

in this article I outline the specifics of what makes up the educational aspects (and what does not).

–          6. global generation: learning by lurking

in addition to the sociological benefits as outlined in GG 3 we have seen some possible improvements a web based model can offer to learning/education.

–          7. global generation: tactics & implementation

after outlining the thinking behind the initiative in this post I outline the specific tactics & costs.

–          8. global generation: the role of the web (versus existing education systems)

in this post I outline the benefits of using a web based model for education trying to explain why flipping the existing education model is better and more practical for the future generations

–          global generation 9: measuring the initiative impact (attitudinally and global attendance)

now that I have outlined the thinking behind the program, the specific tactics & costs to implement I suggest measurement objectives and will also using the most recent UNESCO global education report I outline how the initiative will assist in reaching the UN Millennium goals.

–          10. global generation: more on impact – conflict & enlightenment

Using an article from The Economist I outline how the initiative impacts value systems

–          11. global generation: implementing a conflict prevention program

I compare the initiative against other existing global initiatives to outline how this initiative will be more effective than most other programs because it affects ongoing behavior as a ‘preventative’ initiative rather than a ‘intervention’ type program

–          12. global generation: not too close a link to human rights

I outline my thoughts that this initiative is an education program and not a Human rights program and part of its challenge is to not judge different cultural/governmental/religious systems but rather through education there is a high potential for a stronger tolerance of different views as the generation moves into adulthood.

Some additional conclusion thoughts:

–          global generation finds a voice

A number of well known celebrities have stepped forward to discuss the importance of improving education globally. In this article I highlight the “free your mind” award and  spectacularly articulated award speech from an unlikely source – Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars

–         Thomas Jefferson on Ignorance and Enlightened Conflict

using some Thomas Jefferson thoughts I leave you with some more philosophical ‘bigger picture’ things to ponder.

–          me and my thoughts on conflict & people

just some last thoughts … because this is all about enlightened conflict anyway …

That’s it.

Oh. Why do I care?

“What we do in life echoes in eternity.”

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