thousand years


Every once in a while you hear a “nice song.”

It’s not spectacular in any way other than the fact it is just really nice to listen to … talks about love <but not in a yucky gushy way … I was using my inner little boy to write that> … and is delivered in a non-over-the-top fashion.

Christina Perri has done just this with “thousand years.”

If you don’t know who she is … she is the well-tattooed crooner who sang “jar of hearts” … which I kinda liked … it has a wonderful turn of phrase in it that lyrically was one of those songs you just wanted the rest of the song to go away and that one part just stop and be it.


This is about A Thousand Years. It’s been out since late last year.  I probably missed it because it was on the Breaking Dawn (one of those horrendous Twilight movies) soundtrack.

I have died everyday waiting for you

Darlin’ don’t be afraid

I have loved you for a Thousand years

I’ll love you for a Thousand more

Ok. This isn’t the “official” video … but someone did a really nice job on it.
Thousand Years:

It’s a really nice song.


Now. One last interesting thing she does.

As all music videos do … they doll-up the artists and air brush and do all the video voodoo magic that we all know and love … but I like what a lot of artists are doing these days. They are doing live blogs on their own sites which gives you a real look at them.

Not only look-wise but personality and talking and humanizing them in a nice way.

Not all good but it’s part of being human.

And, I admit, I like her love of tattoos (and I am not a tattoo guy).

“My favorite tattoo is the one on my chest,” spills Christina. “It says ‘La Mia Famiglia’ which means ‘My Family’ in Italian. My family means the world to me … and I remember that every single day just looking in the mirror.”

She’s got a bunch.But that is part of who she is.

Christina does a really nice job on her website. I respect her for it. shows some nice confidence in herself. Good role model for young girls. Tatts and all.

Check out her website:


Written by Bruce