Quasi Apocalyptic Follow-up: This whole piece of California near me falling into ocean thing


So. This whole semi-apocalyptic event that happened near me is kind of fascinating. Today, in order to stop further erosion (and keeping the apartment building from dropping into the deep blue sea), they dug out huge boulders about a half mile down the road, plopped them into big boxes on the back of some trucks, drove the ¾ miles back down the road to the building in jeopardy, then proceeded to have a crane pick up the boxes of rocks (uh .. boulders) and swing them over the building, proceeding to drop them in a quasi-unscientific, inexact way to the bottom of the bluffs (to break up the flow of the waves before they pound into the bluff).

It is a little boys dream.


Big trucks. Lots of noise. Men shouting at each other. Big rocks. A huge crane. No little girls around bugging them.


The interesting thing to me (beyond the inexactness of it all) is the fact the owner of the property is going to continue renting out apartments once the work is done.


He may be able to charge more because the view is spectacular and significantly less impeded with the loss of the 30 feet of bluffs. But gotta tell ya. I am not quite sure what I would have to tell a prospective tenant to get them to feel comfortable they wouldn’t be going for an unplanned swim later this winter.




They worked thru the night with huge klieg lights which I assume the surrounding zip code loved as they tried to go to sleep (you figure they could have at least used red and green lights for the holidays). They worked as long as low tide let the men with hard hats at the bottom of the bluffs stand there and direct the boulders falling out of the boxes (so. I wonder who got nominated to do that job and if they felt like the hard hat was gonna do the job with the falling 2 ton rock).


I am sure the Tonka trucks will gear up again today and little boys will celebrate throughout the area.

Oh. So far so good. I am not in the ocean yet.

Note: Check out Part 1 of this story if you haven’t yet.

Written by Bruce