yeah. I finally have felt compelled to comment on the whole BYU sex scandal.  Ok.  Just the fact their starting bball center got suspended at the most critical time and Jimmer got screwed (not really … just literally … which is the only kind you are allowed to have at BYU) made me want to write something but now something else has happened … Jim McMahon has become involved (no, not with Brandon Davies the suspended player … THAT would be very non-Mormon like and certainly be beyond the honor code).


Let me say that while I was certainly no gigolo in college that sex and college is kind of like peanut butter & jelly, Oreos & milk or bread & water (they go together and you need them to survive in college).


BYU and the lack of sex (or sex prohibited).

Do I believe everyone who goes to BYU doesn’t have sex?


Do I believe most don’t have sex?


Do I believe most is over 90%?


It’s the gig when you sign up to go to salt lake city.

Look. I write about all of this not because I want to write about sex in college (or BYU for that matter) but because of the Brandon Davies story and what Jim McMahon (that esteemed BYU grad) just said.

Just as a reminder (in case you were caught in some Chilean mine when this happened) but Davies violated the BYU honor code by having sex and impregnating a female and was suspended (possibly costing the BYU basketball team a trip to the 2011 Final Four if their tournament performance without him was any indication).


After the suspension.  Good ole Jim gathered himself and some btrain cells and went on a radio talk show. Why? Becaue he knew someone was gonna ask him about sex and college.

Yup. It happened.

In an ESPN radio interview Jim McMahon shared his thoughts about the BYU honor code.

“You had to find girls who kept their mouths shut,” McMahon said when asked about how he managed to stay on the field while attending BYU.

Aw geez.

Jim, buddy, did you really have to say that?


The article recap said it the best … “We all know college kids are going to be college kids no matter what school they attend, but BYU’s president must have cringed when he found out such a high-profile alumnus had that to say about the honor code.”

McMahon was an awesome quarterback.  I loved him on the field.  Kinda struggle with him off the field. BYU has rules. I know i didn’t feel that badly for Davies because anyone who attends BYU knows what they’re getting themselves into. Did I feel bad for the team? Yeah.  But shit happens.  People will make mistakes.  And boys are … well … boys when surrounded by girls.

But McMahon was wrong.  Right about himself.  Wrong about BYU.  And that’s what makes him wrong to have said what he said.

And what he said makes it sound like there is a frickin’ Mormon orgy in some basement every week.

I have a lot of respect for BYU and their honor code.  And I have respect for how they uphold it. McMahon diminished the code and the commitment.  Someone will always try and break a rule. And not all of those ‘someones’ get caught.  Doesn’t mean it isn’t a good rule.  And doesn’t mean that “someones’ are the norm.

All that said.

Here is a BYU grad.  Couldn’t have said it better.

I went to BYU. The vast majority of us committed to, and lived the Honor Code. Those who didn’t were few and far between and definitely the exception. But then again, most of us are rational, emotionally stable, mature individuals. Then enter McMahon. Asking McMahon about the Honor Code is like asking Bernie Madoff if he thinks the IRS rules are fair. Or a child who runs around in the street in his diaper if he thinks its fair to have parenting rules.

McMahon hasn’t the credibility or character weight to discredit BYU, its honor code or its student body. Yawn.

(once again. couldn’t have said it any better … and I am not even a Mormon)

Written by Bruce