technical difficulties on site

Ah. The mystery of technology. over the last several weeks has been having an unenlightened conflict with technology.

And sometime on Thursday or Friday of last week technology won. In fact. This is what I believe actually happened.internet blog blowing up

Well. Doggone it. They only won the battle and not the war.

We put a team of IT people into the conflict and after a see saw battle it looks like we have come out a winner. (well. sort of.)

But there were some losses. (I just haven’t figured out what they are yet but I am sure we will see).


And I don’t feel like I won.




Just a warning. Behind closed doors (that means ‘in some  IT backroom’ in technology speak) some guys who eat Twinkies and drink Red Bull for sustenance are still fixing all the error messages that appear every time we try and build posts so don’t be surprised for the next week or so if enlightened conflict disappears for a day (he says “day” hopefully).

But. We shall overcome. (he says hopefully)

under_construction3The only thing I regret is I didn’t have one of these awesome “under construction” visuals up.under-constructionunder-construction 4


Ok. They were cool.


That’s not true.

That’s not my only regret.

Technical difficulties and having no clue how to fix them. That is also a regret.

Written by Bruce