truth in the world part 2

There is a really neat site called Miniature Earth ( that tries to break down key global issues into bite size pieces (which is awesome for someone with a pea like brain like mine). So.

They look at the entire world, say 6.8 billion or so, and say ‘what would it look like if the world was just 100 people?’

I am not sure you gain any insights by doing this but it does shed all the media rhetoric and divisive pontificators shouting that the apocalypse is upon us and get down to the nitty gritty details.

And, as noted earlier, it allows us to see the massive information in a nice small portion meal.small world

Here are some interesting statistics of Miniature earth with 100 individuals living on it:

Racial breakdown:

  • 61 Asians
  • 12 Europeans
  • 8 North Americans
  • 5 South Americans
  • 13 Africans
  • 1 Oceania

50:50 Male to female ratio

  • 47 people live in urban locations
  • 53 people live in rural/suburban locations
  • 9 are disabled

Religious Affiliations:

  • 33 Christians
  • 18 Muslim
  • 14 Hindu
  • 6 Buddhists
  • 13 practice other religions
  • 16 Non religious


  • 14 cannot read
  • 7 are educated to secondary level
  • 12 own a computer
  • 3 have an internet connection


  • 13 are Hungry or malnourished
  • 43 have no basic sanitation
  • 18 have no improved water
  • 1 adult has HIV

Well. About the perspective (truth and facts). I have written about several of these topics.

Religion. Even if the Muslim religion grew at a 5% rate annually (which is even higher than its current rate of slightly above 1%) it would it would take decades to overcome Christianity. At its current rate think a century (assuming Christianity stood still).

It ain’t happening.

Education (which is my hot topic). Only 7% have secondary school education. Only 12 % have computer. Education is the great equalizer globally. Education translates to competitiveness. Education translates to success. Education translates into money (not always a lot but certainly rising above poverty). We need to make these numbers bigger or (1) poverty will remain a large global issue and (2) ignorance will drive conflict to higher levels.

Anyway. This isn’t an “opinion” post. This is a truth & fact post.

Knowledge is power.

Or maybe better said (quoting Faber College motto from Animal House) Knowledge is Good.

Written by Bruce