turning no one away

thanks to cockedlockedand choking tumblr for this photo

thanks to cockedlockedand choking tumblr for this photo




Thought for the day.



Jesus didn’ t turn people away.



That is a big thought. A HUGE thought.


While I may not be religious – in the sense I do not identify myself with a particular religion – I have a number of close friends and mentors with which ‘faith’ is very important to them. I have the utmost respect for organized religion and in its importance and place in the world … when it is directed appropriately and worshiped with respect for others who do not worship the same way.




I tend to believe Copley Square in Boston may have two of the most beautiful churches in USA.

But this isn’t about the churches. Well. Okay. It is about one of the churches.


Because this is about a sign that was outside of Old South Church <a United Church of Christ church I believe>.


And it wasn’t a teensy weensy sign … it was a big bold statement-like sign.


And it could have simply said ‘we turn no one away’ but instead they decided to step up to the plate and be inclusive and spell it out for everyone. Just to be sure that everyone understood ‘no one.’


You know something?

I imagine anyone on the list, homeless or a recovering addict or bisexual or any type that seems to be judged so often … and often harshly in the religious-minded community … felt pretty frickin’ good that they were not being abandoned by God.



These same people may not have actually NEEDED to know they were not being abandoned <because belief in God … is … well … belief … you do not need a quorum to agree with how you feel>. But affirmation is always nice. It feels good.



I also like the sign didn’t just focus on issues … but highlighted basic society labels in general … male, female, nerd and cool kid.


This is awesome. It is awesome because at the most basic level it attempts to insure no one turns away from God. And no one will get turned away from God.


And all will be beloved.




THAT is a message that cannot be said too often <in my mind>.

I love the idea of a church saying ‘hey … you’re <fill in blank> … and you’re beloved.

<I believe:>

Far too many other religious communities abandon you or shame you simply because of who you are.

Far too many other religious communities seem to have abandoned the real thought behind ‘beloved.’

And beloved is a pretty powerful word.

Especially to those who may feel not only excluded … but need some hope <of which is the main currency in any religion> or love <or the feeling they are loved in some form or fashion>. Love and Hope are pretty powerful feelings.

Feelings I believe everyone deserves.


All I can say for sure is that those who are lost, mentally & emotionally, will absolutely gather around a feeling that they could actually be loved … or even be worthy of someone’s love …  like a warm campfire.


All I can really say is that this sign and church is … well … doing Christianity the right way. They built a campfire. And made everyone welcome.



I don’t see things like this often enough.do things right don nothing


And I always like to share things that can make a pragmatic optimistically cynical guy like me believe … if for but one day … or even one moment … that God has found a way to get people to do it right.



He’s probably pleased. That has to count for something.

Written by Bruce