when good intentions stitch together imperfect decisions

“I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.”

Augusten Burroughs


Events happen to us all the time. Some small. Some medium. Some large. Some immense. On this sliding scale of events, we make choices. Some good. Some bad. Some somewhere in-between good and bad. But inevitably, as events do, they end. And with that ending comes some reflection. And within that reflection the choices loom large. And they all loom large even if the event itself was small. But I would suggest on the immense events, all choices loom even larger – even if the choices really weren’t that large. And as they loom their imperfections will scream in your ear for attention.  Imperfect choices demand attention.

Which leads me to good intentions.

Immense events demand clarity of intent and intentions. Without that clarity many of those imperfect choices screaming at you may actually be screaming some really uncomfortable truths. But with that clarity you recognize all choices tend to be imperfect, but if stitched together with good intentions, well, you still may not sleep easy at the end of it all, but you will sleep a bit easier.


Written by Bruce