So. This is my 400th post. The enlightenedconflict site has been up a little over 7 months so we are rockin’ right along.

I thought it may be time to take a look at what matters to me by what I have written. To stick with the theme of the site, I was seeking to enlighten myself.



Although some of the numbers are deceiving in that I have only written maybe 15 things on my pet project The Global Generation children’s education initiative yet each of those posts average over 2100+ words in each article and add in images and graphs and charts and I have over 60 pages written on this idea. I am still waiting to build my 100+ page PowerPoint extravaganza for the day someone raises there hand to show some desire to implement the idea. But, who knows, maybe over a couple of Dos Equis I will find something interesting in my mind and build a PowerPoint for everyone and become the most interesting man in the world.


I have built the strategy, the thinking on how to implement, the specific tactics & budget and measurement. Soup to nuts its ready to go.

On the other hand I have used maybe 70+ quotes and have less than 70 pages with them and yet they have been the most used (a bunch of high school teachers have used my posts to combine teaching literature and practical everyday learning).

I have about 28 things uncategorized which out of 400 makes me realize that I cannot make up my mind on things about 7% of the time which bodes well for me as a business manager and in life.

I am using my blog for personal or nonsensical things less than 15% of the time which makes me unusual in the blogging world. Okay. I guess I am unusual regardless but the fact is most blogs are not only generated by young people (I am in the 7% group of age 50+ bloggers) but they are also driven by personal stories and thoughts and stuff.

I rant a lot. At least I don’t get angry I guess. 43% of my posts are a rant (or to be kind … an observation). Thankfully most are not personal rants but rather “strong thoughts” with regard to business and business practices.  And most times they have a solution/thought at the end so at least I don’t just rant. I say what to do even if it is an unreasonable solution.

I do write a lot about business stuff. And not just marketing or advertising but business leadership, organizational alignment, ideation and organizational behavior.


I have offered specific solutions on:

–          A national pet adoption campaign

–          A national children’s curiosity campaign

–          An unhealthy eating initiative strategy and campaign

–          A ‘how to’ new business plan for advertising agencies

–          Multiple business protocol thoughts (email, conduct, dress)

–          A ‘how to’ business alignment plan of action

–          Interviewing tips

–          Ideation plan of action & tips

–          How to build brand personality (and strategy/concept development)

–          A consulting business plan

So.  If some consultant is trying to charge you gobs of money for some of these things you are getting ripped off. These are basic management tools & tips and shouldn’t be some consultant’s way to become wealthy.

But. I have written 2 full company handbooks so most of this stuff is “been there and done that” for me.

Lastly. Stuff I seem to care about a lot. Character. Respect. Responsibility. Truth. Leadership.

You know. I am happy with that. If this is as good as it gets in the blogging & writing world I can live with this last little fact. I am not sure we can ever talk too much about these things.

I have written about the evils of self doubt. Struggles with self esteem. Our government. Personal behavior. China. The Middle East. History. Democracy. And education.


And Tigger. He has been included in 8 posts. Sigh. I hope my dear friend knows he certainly deserves a significantly higher ranking than this in my writing. I have probably written at least 8 more things about Tigger or using him as an example for life lessons and character and responsibility and just being a better person. And they sit in a folder on a thumb drive. And I am sure I will continue adding to that folder. And I am also sure when I write something that isn’t just from the heart but will also maybe add to other’s people’s lives I will post it. He has no opposable thumbs (although maybe dogs get them in heaven?) to manage the thumb drive and cursor but I leave the thumb drive in at night and I hope while I am sleeping he checks the folder to see what I have written for him and about him.

As for writing over 400 posts?

I have learned that my mind outstrips my typing skills. (which is a low bar so don’t anyone think I am suggesting anything).

My most common post typos are “an” instead of “and” as well as “I” when I meant to say is, in, it, i-whatever. That and while word spellcheck catches caps when you put it into a blog form it doesn’t.

So. I am infamous for not using caps in general and it does come out in my posts.

Here are the numbers as they stand.

–          Posts by category:

Business thoughts: 129

Rants: 174

Stuff I like: 168

Quotes: 79

Uncategorized: 28

Personal/nonsensical: 59

–          Posts by topic:

126 on life lessons

110 on character

110 on truth

96 on effective communication

89 on responsibility

42 on decision making

42 on ignorance

66 on leadership

52 on advertising

65 on marketing

13 on friends and friendship

20 on alignment

20 on brand

28 on branding.

70 on business thoughts

20 on global generation

50 on strategy

35 on music

My disappointment?

Not enough on friends and friendship.

But. I have time.

Okay. On to number 500.

Written by Bruce