miley ‘sigh’rus moments

Miley Cyrus and-Robin-Thicke-VMAs


Miley Cyrus and the VMAs <video music awards>. Quite the uproar, huh?


I had initially mapped out some thoughts on her freakishly big tongue and her innate desire to share it with all of us but found myself suggesting some quite inappropriate thoughts about a 20 year old.


And then my friend Jen sent me the Onion article <,33632/  > which displayed a delightful bit of candor with regard to why so many publications used Miley to get people to read … and possibly stoked the indignant fire around Miley’s questionable performance.


I say all this because it prompted me to share some real thoughts about Miley which make me sigh <not about her … but about us>.



Her performance at the VMA’s kind of creeped me out … and made me feel like a voyeuristic creepy old man. oh. While I didn’t feel like a voyeuristic creepy old man watching other acts on the VMA’s <see Lady GaGa as an example> I did feel creeped out several times. But, hey, this was the VMAs and this was egotistical artists shocking people <because most of them have insignificant true talent>.



She made me realize I need to go buy a foam finger because there are so many additional uses for it than I ever imagined.


miley cyrus touches_herselfThird.

She is an entertainer … earning something like $15 million a year <and she is 20 years old> … she certainly entertained <isn’t that what an entertainer is paid to do?>.



She’s 20. I could say “nuff said” and stop here … but some holier-than-thou individual is going to put on some major stick-up-their-butt attitude and send me some email to suggest she is Hannah Montana and millions of girls look up to her and a whole bunch of garbage like that.


Check out twitter.

Check out weheartit.

Check out xanga.

Check out tumblr.

Check out what millions of other 16 to 22 year olds are posting as pictures. Miley is tame by comparison. Oh. And those are her fans that are making her 15 million a year.

Oh. Have you checked out Paulina Gretzky’s <Wayne’s daughter> pics?

Nuff said.



She ain’t Taylor Swift. If you want squeaky clean … follow Taylor. If you want some dubious singing skills but certainly some hopeful songwriting talent … follow Taylor. And if you want your daughters to learn the different choices with regard to growing up … follow Taylor AND Miley.





I didn’t like her performance.

But I didn’t have to like it.

And I am certainly not even close to being in her target audience.

And I don’t have children so I have some difficulty putting myself into that perspective.


But what I do know is this – entertainers entertain. If they don’t have as much talent as another entertainer <or possibly just insecure with regard to their talent> than they go to some fairly extreme lengths to insure they stay at the forefront of relevancy.


I am unclear how talented Miley is.

I imagine she is unclear herself <which makes her insecure>.


In addition.

I do know that the transition into a young adult is an awkward time … combined with the fact you are a celebrity … combined with the fact your fame was predicated on Disney Hannah Montana <which you may understandably do not want to be known as in your early 20’s> … make for an exponentially difficult situation to be in as a teen turning adult.

In fact it may even tempt you to go to the extreme opposite end <for a period of time> to distance yourself from something you just don’t want to be associated with anymore.


In the end.

I think the uproar over Miley’s bad musical performance <which everyone seems to be ignoring> is kind of nuts … and slightly hypocritical.


While I was certainly not on a stage with millions watching me at the time … I did many things in my early 20’s that I look back on with quite some regret. And some things I look back on as simply part of the learning process with regard to who I am as a person and who I wanted to be in the future.


I have to guess everyone reading this could take a moment and step back in time and while there may have been no foam finger involved … there was a time or two you were simply not at your best. But it was part of the process of growing up.


Give the girl a break.




And she is an entertainer isn’t she?

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