music for the day … one country and one rap



Only here on enlightened conflict will you get a musical review of a country song and a rap song in the same post.


Here you go.




The song Heart of Dixie <and I will connect it to one voice>


Finally.danielle bradbery

I get to highlight a country song.


Heart of Dixie by a young 17 year old named Danielle Bradbery.



She won The Voice <just another tv show I don’t watch>.

From Cypress, Texas she won NBC’s The Voice in 2013 becoming the youngest contestant to come in first place.


She has got a nice little country type voice delivering a nice little song.


It’s just a nice pretty little country song. And that’s okay.


Sometimes you shouldn’t overthink music.

Sometimes in simplicity you can find the beautiful.



She sounds young. She is young. And I think that also makes the song a little more thoughtful. While the song is about Life it has such a naïve innocent sounding vocal it makes it real.



Heart of Dixie:




Oddly … as I heard this song for the first time … I thought she sounded like Billy Gilman <who is a guy but most famous for his music as a boy>.


Listen and see if you heard what I heard.



Billy Gilman / Elisabeth:



He is the kid who did this spectacular song almost a decade ago.



one voice:



I apologize to Danielle for thinking of a young boy singing when I heard her song but what the heck … her song, and her voice, could be compared to a significantly worse song.





beware a woman with a broken heart


big sean red



This is about a pretty cool rap/hip hop song called Beware by Big Sean.




To be clear.


I have a love hate relationship with rap.



As a lover of words … when rap is done well … it is poetry put to music.

When done poorly it is just painful <and makes you wonder how anyone could mangle the language the way they do>.


And then somewhere in between is the rap song that is so very very close to being perfect.


What I mean by that is this is the rap song where you wish you could call someone up and say “hey … go back into the studio and rewrite some words … maybe ask someone to give you some new words to replace some in the current song.”


This is one of those songs.



It has a spectacular refrain/chorus. The chorus melodically bridges the rap story of the song. In fact … the song is almost worth it just for the chorus.


And most of the rap dialogue is smooth and flows and isn’t silly.



Unfortunately I just typed ‘most.’


But geez … just when you glide into the poetic groove … some incredibly silly and nonsensical rhymes appear … and jolt you out of the groove.


It’s really unfortunate because with a little word help this could have been an A+ song.big sean lyrics


So why the heck did I invest the energy writing about it?




That chorus.

That musical bridge.


Really really well done.



<beware: there are swear words in this>



Big Sean – Beware (Explicit) ft. Lil Wayne, Jhene Aiko:



Hope you enjoyed.


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Written by Bruce